Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Meals: Breakfast

And in tonight's episode of Weird Stuff My Kid Did Today:

Hung out on the ottoman, teething away.

Sat in the cart at Trader Joe's like he owned the damn place. Or, like my brother said, "Like a boss."

Sat in a box. (To be fair, we put him in the box, but it was still weird.)

I'm liking having the glider in the nursery now. I sat comfortably for about twenty minutes while Marshall played on his own. 

Anyway, it's been over two months now since we started Marshall on solid foods, so I thought I would share some of what he's been eating, how we prepare it, and how Marshall eats it. Today I'll just share some breakfasts.

Note: Terry and I have no known food allergies in our families, so we feel very comfortable introducing Marshall to a wide variety of foods. We don't follow the "add a new food every three days to check for allergic reactions" rule, but I definitely suggest following your doctor's recommendations as far as introducing your baby to new foods.

(I swear in this photo he's just upset about the fact that he has to wait for his food.)

Yogurt - we use full fat plain Greek yogurt. Babies need a lot of healthy fats, so yogurt is great. I spoon-feed him yogurt.

  • Yogurt mixed with a tiny bit of 100% pure maple syrup (he definitely finds the yogurt super tart, so we had to sweeten it a little!)
  • Yogurt mixed with frozen blueberries (we buy the "Wild Blueberries" from Trader Joe's--they're perfectly tiny for tiny mouths). The berries thaw within a few minutes and sweeten the yogurt. A dash of cinnamon would work well, too.
  • Yogurt mixed with applesauce and cinnamon.
Oatmeal - I use oats from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Terry and I cook our own oatmeal as usual (2 parts water + 1 part oats), and then we just scoop out a little for Marshall at the end before we add any of our normal toppings 
  • Oatmeal with frozen blueberries (see above--they thaw perfectly within a minute or two) or mashed banana (I drop small amounts of oatmeal on his tray and he goes for it with his hands). 
  • Oatmeal blended with fruit (pears, apples, or bananas), thanks to Gina's baby food recipe
Cinnamon Raisin toast - really tiny bites on his tray (note: I make this loaf with maple syrup instead of honey because infants shouldn't eat honey)

Scrambled eggs - prepared with a little splash of milk and sometimes a little cheese, plus a little pepper. I put small pieces on his tray and let him pick them up.

Pancakes - Again, I make these with maple syrup instead of honey. We put small bites on his tray.

Fruit - For almost all breakfasts, we try to give him some fruit. He's had raspberries (whole), banana (I tried giving it to him in the peel with a little banana exposed, but he just licks the peel, so I cut it up for him), kiwi, pear (skin peeled off, small bites), blackberries (cut small enough to avoid choking), apple (peeled and cut in half so he basically just sucks/gnaws on it), canned pumpkin (mixed with banana), applesauce, and probably more but you get the idea. Soft fruit that he can chew on his own without choking!

Stuff We Want to Try: French toast, cottage cheese, different types of breads, crepes, smoothies (we tried once but I think he got brain freeze!), various types of eggs (fried, poached, hard-boiled).

Anything else you would recommend for an infant for breakfasts? 


  1. What fantastic/awesome parents and GRANDSON

  2. Anything that you do... will change. It's funny how they can be all about something and then a few weeks later not want anything to do with it. All I can say is keep trying new things and stick with what works for as long as it does. It's a proper balance.

  3. Ahh he is so cute! I love seeing how kids challenge foods or what foods they tend to eat up I find it so fascinating! Thanks for sharing xo C

  4. i haven't tried eggs yet - do you do the whole egg or just the yolk?

  5. How exciting! Is he eating foods and also still eating breast milk / formula? If so, how is the phasing out going? I know it will happen eventually for us too, but we're so new to this baby thing that I'm curious when and how the whole transition goes.

    1. He does still have breast milk--actually at least five times per day still! So that's still the majority of his diet. "Food before one is just for fun," so solids are all supplemental. (Takes the pressure off for little ones who don't eat much at first!) I focus more on making sure he's eating a lot of variety, as opposed to filling him up with solids. I imagine the breastmilk will naturally decrease as he eats more and doesn't want as much milk, but honestly I don't know!

  6. I'm doing baby led weaning with my 13 month old. Her favorite for breakfast is eggs any type of way and yogurt with a fruit. However, we have a variety of things muffins without any added sugar- use bananas for sweetness, egg and banana "pancake", smoothies, bacon, ham, (in moderation for salt content) quiche, ect. Not really any new ideas, sorry!