Sunday, February 8, 2015

Failure February

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but this month hasn't exactly started off on the best note. I came down with a very minor but still not awesome something (is it a cold? is it a flu? is it my body saying I need to slow down for five minutes?) this week, and it was just enough to suck the energy out of me for a day or two. Then, yesterday, I brought Marshall up from the car and somehow tweaked my upper back in a bad way. I have been trying to get Terry to crack it, but no luck so far, and it hurts like hell. I'm hoping it'll loosen up; otherwise I'll be seeking out a professional, because I can barely move, and picking up our 21-pound infant is nearly impossible.

So anyway, given that I didn't feel great for a few days and that I now have a delightful back tweak (that's the official medical term), I have still only done one yoga session since the start of the month. Other than that, I did go for a walk with a new mom friend the other day, which was fun because we saw a whale right off the coast! Actually, we saw a whale, two dolphins, a bunch of pelicans, and a sea lion. It was like the Discovery Channel live. I wish Marshall had some idea of what was going on out there, but he seemed content to stare at a nearby garbage can, so there you go.

But let's focus on some positive stuff instead: Terry is on a little mini-vacation from work right now! He has been working SO hard for the last several months, and now his work is on a little bit of a downswing, so he took advantage and asked for a few days off. I'm thrilled to have him home, and despite being bummed about not feeling great and hurting my back, at least he's home to help. We've taken advantage of the time together with card games, outings with Marshall, delicious home-cooked meals, and catching up on all our Hulu shows.

Right now, we're hanging out for the night in San Diego! Random, right? We have a bunch of Hilton points and decided to use them for a free night in the Gaslamp. It's actually our first real vacation with Marshall--we've gone away before, but always for a wedding or to stay with family. This time we're just hanging out, eating, walking around, and relaxing. Our first stop on the way down--Pizza Port! Marshall even tried a bite of crust and LOVED it.

An attempt at a selfie. Marshall has crust in his mouth here (he puts tons of food in his mouth and then lets it sit there until he can swallow it or spit it out, which is fun for everyone).

Some other goings-on in our lives:

Terry suggested this AMAZING burger, and it is a new favorite. We're calling it the French Onion Burger, because Terry thought it would be a great idea to create a burger version of the soup. Turns out the soup is pretty simple: onion, Gruyere cheese, and beef broth. But simple is often best, right? I'll share the "recipe" this week.

Marshall is getting more adventurous around the house, learning that he can crawl under and through things.

And now we're heading out to dinner (sushi!) before enjoying a quiet evening in the hotel room. Hope you had an awesome weekend and that your February is off to a better start than mine. I'm certain that next week will be better for me physically, so I'm ready to get it started!


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