Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I realize Fridays probably shouldn't seem as exciting for me since I stay home with Marshall, but I still love them. There's always the excited buzz in the air; Terry is often home on Fridays; and the weekend (family time!) is just around the corner.

This weekend promises more birthday celebrating around here, plus some girl time for me. Otherwise, we're all still trying to get back to 100% healthy, so sleep and fresh air are the focus. For now, some Friday favorites!

Birthday Celebrations. Terry's small celebration with the three of us turned out...well enough. Last year, we went to Terranea to take advantage of their free surf and turf on your birthday. It was a delicious meal and an amazing deal. So this year we decided to do the same and booked a table at 5:30 so the little guy could join us before bedtime. Except that after we arrived and sat down, we realized...the deal is no longer offered. It's just a normal ol' (expensive) restaurant. Oops. Still, we enjoyed our meal and Marshall did really well, so luckily the birthday wasn't a disaster or anything. Note to self: Research birthday deals ahead of time!

(The guy who took our photo said, "The baby looks how I feel." To which Terry responded--later, when the guy was gone--" hate your life?")

Our Growing Boy! Marshall turned 11 months old today! WHAAAAT?! I'll write up his usual monthly update post next week, but I can't believe we're so close to a year. Just today I found this photo on my phone and took a comparison shot:

There's such an obvious difference in height, but also in his confidence and comfort standing. In the first photo he's clinging to that stool and not really on top of his feet. Now he's relaxed, barely holding on, able to twist and bend and turn while standing. Crazy! (Plus, he's wearing raccoons on top and a moose on bottom, so the second photo is much more creative.)

San Diego. Terry and I have been traveling to San Diego for pleasure for years, but in recent years Terry started driving down for work a few days at a time. When Marshall was born and I quit working, we were able to join Terry for his trips, and San Diego became a really pleasant place to visit for me. I think San Diego is beautiful, I love the fresh air, and we've discovered tons of delicious restaurants. This week, Terry completed the project he has been part of for the last six years(!!!), and the trips to San Diego for business are officially over. I could not be more proud of my husband and his team, and even though I'll miss the chance to get away in the middle of the week like that, I'm thrilled for whatever comes next for Terry at work!

This time around, we stopped off at Cafe 21, one of our favorite places, for lunch. I had one of their amazing cast iron omelets, and Terry went with the short rib sandwich. Plus, I got some loose-leaf Irish Breakfast tea, which was phenomenal. 

Pinhole Press. Terry and I have been slowly piecing together some ideas for Marshall's first birthday. We're keeping it very low key, but I think themes are super fun, so we're doing TRAINS! I'll be sure to share everything after the fact, but I wanted to share this awesome first birthday gift we're getting Marshall from Pinhole Press: a book of favorites! I read about it on A Cup of Jo, and Marshall loves looking at all our framed photos around the house, so I figure it'll be perfect for his birthday. We added photos of all Marshall's close extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunt), plus me and Terry and Scout and some familiar objects. I'm ordering it tomorrow! (P.S. A Cup of Jo has a discount code good through Sunday, 4/26!)

Other than that, I'm really not sure how the little birthday celebration will come together. I wish I was more into crafts and fun details. I love admiring them at other people's parties (my friend Katie did such a great job at her little girl's birthday party recently!), but I find that for me when I try to do something creative it a) doesn't turn out the way I hoped; b) costs more than just buying something simple; and/or c) ends up going unnoticed/unappreciated/unused. I have one or two fun things I want to try for Marshall's party, so hopefully they won't backfire.

As mentioned, the major goal of the weekend is to get healthy, so I'm off to bed! Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Here are some fun links if you need them:

I loved this hilarious sketch from Amy Schumer. Apparently everyone knows who she is (except me, until yesterday), and she is hilarious.

It's National Infertility Awareness Week! This post from Brittany helped me learn a little more about the topic.

You know I love all things Ina. Here's an interview on her best dinner party advice.

Happy Friday!


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