Monday, April 13, 2015

Marshall's First Beach Experience

All morning, Marshall has been crawling up to walls, cabinets, and doors, sitting with his back to them, and lightly banging his head backwards. WHAT? I guess he likes the sound his head makes when it hits the wall? Why are kids so weird?

Our weekend was a mix of fun and work. I've had the spring cleaning bug for a few weeks now but haven't really been able to dive into the bulk of stuff I wanted to clean. Thankfully, Marshall got some extra attention from family on Friday and I had three or four hours to clean, sort, organize, and get rid of a whole lot of stuff. We took half a car of lovely but unnecessary items to GoodWill! YAY!

Terry had to go back to San Diego at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday (please pity my sweet, hard working husband!), so Marshall and I had a long day ahead of us. Even longer because the little dude had me awake with him from 2:30 to 4:15 Saturday morning--ouch. But we all pushed through the cloud of exhaustion to enjoy a decent day. Terry had some success at work and Marshall and I found enough activities to entertain us throughout the day.

Sunday was WAY more fun. We were up fairly early again, but it was to drop Terry off at a rec center to brush up on his scuba skills! For his birthday, Terry wanted to go diving, so he took some time yesterday to refresh his skills. He's a dive master, so he also helped out the scuba instructors with teaching some new divers. Meanwhile, since I don't dive, Marshall and I hit up Target (Honest Company released the CUTEST new diapers that made me a little excited that we haven't been cloth diapering!), dropped off a few more boxes at GoodWill, and napped/read while waiting for Terry.

Yesterday was also our friends' daughter's second birthday party! We spent some time before the party with Heidi, Ed, and their daughter Kayla (who is three weeks older than Marshall). It was SO fun to see Marshall play with his little friend! He gets to "interact" with other babies at MyGym, but it's more like they all just hang out in the same space while playing near each other. With Kayla Marshall actually paid attention to her and even gave her a kiss! Ha! Totally unsolicited, and we'll need to talk to him about consent, but it was cute. :-)

The party a little later was absolutely adorable. Katie and Corey know how to throw an amazing party, and this one was no different. The theme was bunnies, and Katie even brought in a little bunny petting zoo! Marshall got to pet a bunny or two (he was actually gentle!), and we had fun letting him roam around the backyard with the other kids. I think he was the youngest one there (aside from Tessa, Katie and Corey's two-month-old), so it was fun to see him watching the older kids. Mostly, I had a blast chatting with friends and relaxing on a Sunday, which I think is what Sundays are for.

Oh, and bonus: Marshall must have been perfectly tired because he slept 10 hours straight last night. Hallelujah!

Today was really nice. Marshall woke up at 5, but we made it work. We took a trip to Target (of course) and to the park for swings and a walk. Terry worked from home and wasn't feeling great, but he joined us for a short trip to the beach--Marshall's first time on the sand and in the water! It was freeeeeezing and windy, but he seemed completely content. He loved watching the waves and touching the sand with his hands. He's been to the beach dozens of times, but he's always just in the stroller--this time was way more fun for all of us!

I have been wanting to squeeze in more workouts during nap times, so today I did some burpees. Starting on the minute for ten minutes, I did 10 burpees, then 9, then 8, etc., all the way to 1. I was going to repeat it, but Marshall woke up (darn! hate when I can't do more burpees...), and it's probably for the best because my legs are already wobbly. Also, I did the first set of 10 burpees with push ups and then realized I was insane and stopped that nonsense.

Last night I made this Mexican Chicken soup, and we're having those leftovers again. Terry says he thinks it's his favorite soup I make! We top it with sour cream (well, Greek yogurt), avocado, and cheese, and it's perfect.

This week promises to be better than last (I hope), because my parents are visiting! Hooray! They arrive Wednesday, so Marshall and I will have some company for the latter half of the week. We don't have anything big planned, but hanging out with JanJan and PopPop is always an adventure!

Hope you're enjoying the start to your week!


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