Monday, April 27, 2015

Jacarandas in Bloom

Hello to the last week of April! Crazy, right? I love this time of year, mostly because the jacarandas are in bloom. My favorites!

Marshall is ready for summer already; he chowed down on his first corn on the cob the other day! (We were at an event for Terry's work, and one of the attendees said we should charge admission for watching Marshall eat. I agree; it's that hilarious. This kid goes to town around food!)

Speaking of food, we finally tried Bachi Burger! The really famous one is in Vegas, but they opened one in Pasadena and another in West LA. It was good! The menu has a lot of Asian-inspired flavors and some unique combinations of meat.

In other recent events...

These two are finding more and more common ground as far as entertainment goes.

Today, for example, one of Scout's toys rolled under Marshall's Exersaucer, and they both helped look for it.

 Terry found this cute Superman outfit in Marshall's closet, and it fits the little guy now. When I met up with them in the store, I noticed Terry had draped the cape over the back of the cart seat. Gotta make sure everyone knows who they're dealing with here!

(Sunday morning shopping trips are the best. Quiet stores, empty aisles, tons of parking spaces. Ideal for shopping with a baby!)

Super intimidating, Superman.

I am not really a fan of herbal tea. I want to be, but I find the flavors too strong or too floral or too something. But then I found Peet's Lemon Rose tea. It's so good! No need to add any sweetener, either. Light, gently floral but mostly lemony, and perfect for a sore throat or to just relax at the end of the day. I finally bought a box of tea bags to have at home (and did you know that you get a free coffee or tea if you buy a box of tea bags?!).

Yesterday Jenn and I met up for a girls' lunch at True Food Kitchen. She had the lasagna (we couldn't figure out how the noodles were gluten-free, but they're definitely spinach with something) and I had the inside-out quinoa "burger" because it looked so good when Katie ordered it at lunch a few months ago. Delicious! I highly recommend both meals. Plus it was wonderful to catch up with Jenn. My awesome husband took over Marshall duties and hung out on Third Street while we had lunch; he and Marshall have been getting a lot of father-son time lately!

Tomorrow we're heading to My Gym for the first time in two weeks, since Marshall is finally not showing cold symptoms. I'm actually really excited to go back to our normal routine, even though it's about to get disrupted big time. More on that later!

Hope you have a fantastic start to your week!


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