Monday, April 6, 2015

San Diego Weekend In Reverse

I just uploaded all these photos from my phone and this order is how I found them on the computer. So we shall relive our little family vacation in reverse order. How fun!

I thought going out to breakfast on Easter Sunday would be a complete disaster, but actually most restaurants weren't busy at all--because we arrived around 8 am. So we enjoyed a nice meal (Marshall slept through it and gave me my arm workout for the day) and then walked back to our hotel to pack up and hit the road. Before we left, though, we all threw on our swimsuits and dunked Marshall in the hotel pool! It was so fun to test out his swim lesson skills (back floats while we hold him, being dipped under water, and jumping off the edge of the pool from a sitting position) in the middle of a crowded pool. I thought he might be too distracted by all the kids, noise, and splashing, but he did great and held his breath at all the right times!

Earlier in the morning, Terry offered to hang with Marshall while I went out for a run (Terry's ankle still isn't 100%). I cannot tell you how fantastic it felt to throw on some Pandora (I never wear headphones when I walk with Marshall because I chat with him while we walk), zone out, and enjoy the early morning air. I know I can run with the stroller, but it is much, much harder, so it's nice to get out by myself now and then. As I finished my run, I saw my two favorite guys coming out to meet me, and we continued our walk up a ton of stairs at the Conference Center. 

(Terry had Marshall on his shoulders, and I could see Marshall looking all around for me as Terry asked, "Where's Mommy?" I sprinted to get to them!) 

More walking around (it was super early, since Marshall woke us at 5:45, so we made the most of our time without the crowds).
Yes, that's a Superman cape!

Before the run, we found out the Easter bunny had stopped at our hotel! 

Our experience with Marshall at restaurants has been quite hit-or-miss, especially since he started eating solids. He loves to eat and wants to eat continuously from the moment he sits down until he is satisfied, so if we don't offer food right away or don't offer food quickly enough after he's finished what's in front of him, he becomes a whiny, loud little boy. Add to that a little bit of tiredness and we've got a cranky mess. Our poor fellow restaurant patrons. 

Saturday night did not go well. We went to Cafe 21 for dinner, and service was a little on the slow side (we wouldn't have noticed if we didn't have an unhappy baby on our hands). Despite our bringing food for Marshall, he was tired and grumpy, so we raced through our meals, chugged our drinks, and took turns holding him. Terry's expression sums up the evening perfectly.

Thankfully, the earlier parts of the day were much more successful. Marshall loved looking out the hotel window, and he even learned how to point this weekend!

And I was mostly interested in a long walk on Saturday, so that's what we did. We stayed at the Hilton Bayfront, so we walked through the Gaslamp District, along the bay, out to a few piers, and back through downtown. Including our later walk to dinner, we totaled more than 20,000 steps! 

Before arriving downtown, we stopped for lunch at Legacy, a small brewing company and restaurant. The food was delicious (Terry had a short rib sandwich; I had a lamb burger with brie), and the beers were excellent, too. Then we headed to Green Flash Brewing Company for a few tasters. I loved their Other World Irish Red! Oh, and at least three people stopped Terry to ask him about the Ergo. Strangely, they all had kids but had never seen a side-carry carrier before. Marshall was a total celebrity in that thing. Also, he likes looking at fans, and the brewery had the World's Most Gigantic Fan (I think the blades must have been 6 or 7 feet each), so he was in heaven.

Our Easter yesterday was really nice, even with the traffic battle to get from San Diego to Orange County and then home. Marshall seemed to enjoy his first Easter weekend, and we look forward to many more! 


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