Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day! I hope you enjoyed a lovely day and that you were able to celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life.

This morning Marshall woke up at 4:45, and after I fed him and changed his diaper Terry got up and tried to put the baby back to sleep, but that little guy was wide awake. I did let Terry go back to bed and hung out with Marshall for a bit before we officially got the day started. Some tea and hanging with my favorite boys helped a lot!

Like daddy, like son.

After a quick gift exchange, 
Picture frame with three photos of Marshall wearing jerseys for Terry's favorite teams--Dodgers, Bruins, Kings


breakfast for Marshall, and a snack for Mom and Dad (an apple with almond butter), we headed out for a long run. After parking at UCLA, we looped the perimeter while Marshall napped comfortably in the BOB stroller. We walked intermittently but ended up completing four miles jogging and about five and a half miles total. Whew! Definitely more than we've done in a VERY long time. 

Actually, this weekend was a great one for workouts. Terry ran three miles on Friday to catch up on the miles I did in Hawaii without him. Then yesterday we completed a delightfully quick and sweaty workout together, which was fun! We haven't done a strength/circuit workout together in a long time.

I set an alarm for 20 minutes. Every minute on the minute, we did 5 push ups, and then for the remaining time in that minute we completed a different exercise. It definitely got the heart rate up and challenged lots of different muscle groups! (By the end, I had done at least 3 sets of push ups on my knees, and I did high knees instead of tuck jumps.) Give it a try!

Yesterday we also got massages! We had gift cards from Christmas and finally found an opportunity to go to Burke Williams to get pampered. It was really nice to just relax and take advantage of all the amenities. 

Anyway, back to today. After our long run/walk, we headed home, and Terry spotted a dog hanging out on the corner near our apartment without an owner around. She walked up to us as we parked, and we spent a good half hour wandering the neighborhood with her, hoping she would lead us to her house. (Marshall was thrilled! He kept saying, "Dog! Dog!" and smiling and pointing.) Unfortunately, the sweet little thing seemed like she had no idea where she lived, and she had no tags, so I brought her to our local shelter to ask next steps (our apartment doesn't allow dogs). The shelter was AMAZING and incredibly friendly with lots of sweet volunteers, so I felt okay leaving her there with all my contact information just in case. Er, well, after I cried for about half an hour I felt okay. 

Good news, though: A few hours later, the shelter called me and said the owner had come to pick up that sweet girl! The owner was so kind and grateful, and I was just ecstatic that Happy (perfectly fitting name) was back with her family. Yay for Terry for spotting the dog!

Scout was just glad we didn't add a dog to our family.

We also made a trip to the farmers' market today.

Complete with live music

And several fruit samples.

I made Ina Garten's Cream of Wild Mushroom soup (delicious flavor!) tonight for dinner, at Terry's request, along with salad and sweet potatoes. We are currently watching X-Men: Days of Future Past to round out a lovely, productive, fun weekend.

In other fun news, did you know House Hunters is on Hulu and Netflix? I just can't express how happy it makes me!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a dermatologist, because my hands have been crazy dry and itchy for the last few weeks. Otherwise, this week brings My Gym classes, lots of meals at home, and hopefully some visits with a few friends.

I hope your week starts off wonderfully!


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