Monday, June 1, 2015

Start to the June Challenge

Hello and happy Monday! We really enjoyed a nice weekend over here. Despite the short work week, we felt ready to plunge into some family time again Saturday and really took advantage of our time together. On Saturday we stopped by our old apartment for some last-minute cleaning (we handed over the keys on Sunday). I can't believe that when we moved in there, Marshall was still eight weeks away from his entrance into the world, and when we left he was crawling around as fast as he could go!

It was a lovely first home as a family of three. We will miss it for the memories we made, and we certainly took advantage of our short stint living in the South Bay, but we're already more comfortable in our new place than we ever were there. Still, I know anytime I drive near there I'm going to get a little nostalgic thinking about Marshall's first months! 

Next on Saturday we headed to the aquarium to meet up with two other families. Marshall got to see his buddies and we got to hang out with the adults while checking out all the exhibits! 

He smiles a lot more now, but I love that serious face.

Marshall seemed to love touching the water; it'll be fun to take him back when he's a bit more aware of the fish and sharks!

Now that we're more settled in to the new apartment, we're making a conscious effort to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook at home as much as possible. I'm even getting a little more creative. Case in point: This California caprese salad!
Tomatoes, avocado, greens, burrata, olive oil, and balsamic.

And today the week began anew. Marshall and I hung out at the house a bit, ran a few errands, walked to campus and played with bubbles and climbed the stairs. 

We saw a fire truck on our walk, and one of the firemen gave Marshall a hat!

Terry and I also started our running challenge today! We're going to run 30 miles in 30 days this month, so today we kicked it off with two miles (Terry pushed the stroller, which is an unspoken agreement between us, although I'll do it if I have to). The run felt pretty good overall, albeit slow. And my upper body was suuuuuper sore from a quick push up workout I did yesterday (6 push ups every minute for twenty minutes = 120 push ups!). But we had a great time chatting and stopped at the park for a quick climbing break for Marshall.

Before dinner, we finally (oops) gave Marshall his birthday presents! We weren't home on his actual birthday, and we never really made time to give him the gifts from us. But finally we just decided to let him pull them out of the box. He seems especially excited about the marble maze!

(This book is his Pinhole Press book, with photos of Marshall's family members and a few familiar toys.)

It's been a lovely day and a nice start to the week. We're going to be busy these next few days with packing for our big trip, continuing (still!) to get ourselves situated in the new place (including building this kitchen island cart--thank you Sarah for the recommendation!), and getting to visit with a friend from out of town. Busy week, but lots of fun stuff!

Have a wonderful start to June. Did you start with rabbit rabbit?!


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