Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some Saturday (and Sunday) Stuff

This week really got away from me! Each night, by the time we had finished cooking dinner, putting the baby to bed (there were some long, rough evenings), and cleaning up the kitchen, it was already 9 pm. I chose to spend a little quality time with the ol' husband instead of burying myself in my computer, so BLWB got a little hiatus. But I'm back!

We're super close to the end of June, and we have five miles left to run before July 1. As long as we don't get injured, we'll be able to take the day off tomorrow and then squeeze in those last two runs just in time. I'm glad we challenged ourselves, but I'm also ready for some variety in my workouts again! As I said before, the priority this month was simply getting into the groove of working out regularly again, making it a priority even when we aren't in the mood, and finding time to be active despite very small windows of opportunity. But now we see that it's pretty easy to fit in thirty minutes of exercise after Terry gets home from work, and Marshall happily chats away in his stroller 90% of the time we're jogging. At home, Marshall finds it hilarious to watch us do strength/circuit workouts, so we can fit those in before dinner, too. No excuses, I guess, huh?

We did skip one scheduled run this week because we had an impromptu date! We found ourselves with about 90 minutes and took advantage of our unexpected babysitters to run to the grocery store (romantic, I know) and to grab drinks at happy hour. It was quick but fun and a nice way to recharge in the midst of Marshall's crazy sleep patterns lately. We need more of those, so we're working on finding more babysitters to help us keep the magic alive.

Meanwhile, we have charcuterie boards after baby goes to bed.

Speaking of which, not to jinx ourselves, but Marshall slept from 7 pm (and didn't even fight going down) until 4:40 am last night. Granted, he didn't go back to sleep after that, but we're making some progress! Everything I read and every mom friend I talk to says earlier bedtimes help combat those early wake ups, so we're easing our way toward a full night of sleep over here, which we had given up on for the last few weeks.

More importantly, we're quickly approaching an age when Marshall will be able to earn his keep around here. Yesterday he practiced vacuuming with me. Vacuuming before he can walk? I'll take it.

In other important news, I just tried out this quick Yoga for Runners video, which did a nice job of helping me stretch some neglected tight spots, especially the IT band. The only bummer was the mid-video interruption for an ad, but I can't really complain about free videos, right? (Right?)

Today's lunch plans were canceled, so we're trying to think of something fun to do as a family. If we hang out at home, we generally end up just doing chores all day or feeling the need to "be productive," whereas if we head out we find ourselves relaxing, soaking up Marshall's hilarious personality, chatting with each other. Hopefully we can find a family-friendly neighborhood event or something!

It's funny how little things about our new place have started some positive habits in me. We did a fantastic job of eating at home last week, and I'm motivated to do it again, likely because we have carpet here and I can sit on the floor with my giant chalkboard to write out our weekly menu and meal plan while we watch TV at night. And now that we can do laundry anytime(!!!!), it's done before Terry gets home, so we have extra time in the evenings. This place has really been an incredible decision for us!

The next day...

Yeah, I had excellent intentions of finishing and posting yesterday, but life somehow carried on without a post. So I'll include a few updates through Sunday morning:

We did get out of the house yesterday for a fun family outing. We hit the grocery store, my eye doctor to pick up new contacts, and an ice cream shop. I had coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and Terry chose two flavors: honey goat cheese and brown butter walnut. YUM. I actually think mine was better, which never happens! We let Marshall have a tiny taste of the brown butter (obviously no walnuts), and he seemed less than enthusiastic.

Marshall helped hold the umbrella.

During Marshall's second nap, Terry and I sat on the couch and read our respective books. We never do that kind of thing, but it was a little dreary outside and it felt like a lovely afternoon for some tea and reading. No regrets.

And then I got some snuggles!

Dinner was pita pizzas using whatever we had on hand: frozen spinach, mozzarella, and goat cheese. Delicious and super quick, especially because I forgot to roast up some broccoli. Oh, well.

And then last night we just watched a few episodes of Happy Endings and called it an early night. Good thing, too, because Marshall has us up quite often (see, I knew I had jinxed myself). I know it's all two steps forward and one step back, so I'm trying my best to be patient as he gets closer to sleeping through the night.

Speaking of development, the most exciting news of all: Jenn is pregnant!!! She's six months along, due in September. They're having a little boy! We're so excited for Jenn and Justin's new arrival. :-)

Congratulations, Jenn!

Hope your week starts off great!


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