Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday on the Road

Happy Friday!! This week flew by without much time for blogging, but I'd say June is off to a fun--if hectic--start. I'm currently in the car on the way to my parents' house, where we'll spend one night before boarding a 7:15 am (what were we thinking???) flight to Maui tomorrow. Marshall's snoozing next to me while Terry is driving and listening to his iPod (he plays the entire song list in alphabetical order, and on our third trip he's worked his way to G), so I am taking advantage of some down time to check in on the ol' BLWB.

Yesterday one of my best friends came to visit! Her son is three months younger than Marshall, and he is so cute. They live in Northern California, so our visits are infrequent at best, but we had a blast catching up and letting the boys play. Much too short of a visit!

Most of the rest of the week was focused on packing. I have felt pretty anxious about this trip--Marshall's first flight plus our longest trip with him--so I did my best to get organized and pack in advance. Naturally, we still found ourselves finishing some last minute chores this morning at 6 am, but I think we are prepared. I read a few tips online for traveling with a one year old, and the main advice seems to focus on being prepared and keeping him calm and entertained. I do think the early flight will work to our advantage in getting Marshall to sleep at least some in the air, but we have a few books, lots of diapers and wipes, and changes of clothes for all parties. Plus, my parents and brother and sister-in-law will be on the same flight so we can play Pass the Baby if he needs a change of scenery! Any words of wisdom from those who have traveled with toddlers?

Marshall trying In N Out for the first time! He did seem to love it, despite his concerned expression.

Yesterday was my dad's last day of work ever! He retired as a police lieutenant several years ago but has been working part time since then in an administrative role. But the time finally came for him to retire for real, so today is his first day in the land of relaxation. Hawaii isn't such a bad way to kick off a second retirement, huh? Plus, when my parents get back, they are picking up their sweet new puppy! He is a Bernese Mountain Dog (we had another, Jordan, when I was a teenager, and he was such a wonderful family dog). I'm so excited for the new addition to the family!

Terry and I are four miles into our June running challenge; we are aiming to average two miles every other day. Hopefully we'll squeeze in a couple more this afternoon while my parents hang with Mr. Marshall, and of course we'll explore Hawaii a bit to knock out a couple more. It's nice to enjoy some time outside together again, and I'm glad to have a little soreness in my legs! I'm hoping running will help boost my energy levels a bit because I've been a tired mama lately.

In Hawaii, the seven of us (Terry, me, Marshall, my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law) are staying in a three-bedroom condo. Since we won't really go out to dinner much with a 12-month-old, we agreed that each couple will be in charge of one full dinner. We are also bringing along some games to entertain us after baby goes to bed, but I'm secretly hoping to get to bed early a few nights to catch up on sleep. Terry and I might also sneak away for a lunch date or two with all those babysitters around!

My parents have also been begging for photos of our apartment since we switched around the rooms. We traded with Marshall because his room was initially right off the dining room, near the kitchen, sharing a wall with the living room, and facing the street. With all the light and noise, it was a miracle he slept at all in there. Now he's in the back room, sharing a wall only with the bathroom. We can now do dishes, cook, watch TV, talk, and go about our evenings without waking him up. Would have been nice to realize which room was best before we moved everything in and set up all the furniture, but now we're done. So excuse the mid-packing, haven't-put-anything-on-the-walls photos, but I must appease the powers that be (aka my parents). Otherwise I'll never hear the end of it, because when your parents retire they have nothing better to do than complain that you haven't taken photos of your apartment.

See ya from Hawaii! Have a wonderful weekend. :-)


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