Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday at Home

Hello! I will post the rest of our Hawaii adventures tomorrow, but today I'm just popping in to say hello and get back in the groove. I always have high hopes for writing posts while away, but it turns out I found myself far more interested in reading, chatting with family, and playing with my kid. Go figure.

Anyway, after the LONGEST DAY EVER of travel (including that horrible, horrible flight back from London at 6 am when I had been up all night with food poisoning on New Year's Eve), we arrived back at our apartment at 9:30 last night. Being on Hawaii time helped tremendously to get us home, bags unloaded (but not unpacked because we're not insane), and baby bathed and asleep within a half hour. Terry and I managed to get to sleep by 11, but I could still barely open my eyes this morning when Marshall finally woke me at 8 am. Even when I try to prepare for it, jet lag kicks my butt!

Marshall ate the same amount of oatmeal that I did this morning. Not important, but a fun fact. That kid is going to start challenging his daddy soon for most food consumed daily.

We enjoyed a nice morning of getting back into a routine. We hit up Costco for some essentials--almond butter (for the sake of variety in lieu of our usual peanut butter), Kerrygold butter (THE BEST), Kerrygold cheddar, maple syrup, apples--and then headed to MyGym.

Always so fun! Unfortunately our class lately has gotten HUGE--lots of summer folks joining, I guess--so the room feels a little chaotic and sometimes overwhelming. I find Marshall tends to enjoy just exploring all the equipment on his own, though, so we kind of stick to the perimeter and have a good time. I've really enjoyed getting to know some of the other moms in the classes, too. Everyone is so nice, and the kids are adorable. I definitely recommend MyGym if you have a kid!

I was aiming for Marshall to only take one nap today in order to shift him back to California time, so after MyGym we picked up daddy for a quick lunch in the car (super classy) and then let Marshall conk out in the car seat. He slept 90 minutes, then we went to Trader Joe's! (After 10 days of no visits to TJs or Target, yes, that sentence deserves an exclamation point.)

A man in the store asked me if shopping with a baby is faster. I kind of laughed, but then I realized--it actually is faster. With a baby in tow, I'm organized (if I haven't forgotten my list) and get in and out as quickly as possible (18 minutes today--and it was a "big" trip). I told the gentleman that the store actually loses money when I bring the baby, though, because without him I would peruse the aisles, check out new-to-me products, and likely find half a dozen items I don't really need. So with or without baby, it's a win for me.

So for a restocking trip to Trader Joe's (we had virtually no food at home, except some eggs and oats), I bought:

  • dairy: milk (1/2 gallon)--I buy organic whole milk, goat cheese (the smallest package), feta cheese 
  • produce: broccoli, Romaine lettuce, avocado, peaches, bananas, red onion, cucumber
  • miscellaneous: roasted red peppers, black beans, deodorant
And probably a few other things I don't remember right now. We are all stocked up for a few days of delicious meals, like tonight's.

Toasted sourdough bread, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and grilled zucchini open-faced sandwiches, plus steamed broccoli. YUM. The zucchini actually came from my parents' garden! 

Speaking of my parents...guess who got a puppy! They've been planning for years and finally bit the bullet. Welcome Eiger, the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. They brought him home yesterday, so we were able to sneak in 15 minutes of cuddling and playing before heading back to LA. He is ADORABLE. Marshall has some major competition. 

We love him already!

Back tomorrow with that Hawaii post! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Where do you stand on the whole pet thing? For us, a cat is perfect right now. We have always wanted a dog (Terry and I both grew up with them), but in our small apartment with a toddler, a cat is awesome. We love other people's dogs, though, so I always enjoy taking my nephew dogs for walks or to the park, and now I'm thrilled Eiger is joining the group! 


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