Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jenn's Baby Shower

That weekend raced by us. It was short but sweet, I suppose. Friday morning, since Terry didn't have to report to jury duty until late morning, we all headed to the park so Marshall could explore the playground. We've found a nice section of our local park with low, small playground equipment that's more appropriate for tiny kids with zero coordination. Marshall isn't great at safely descending stairs or platforms yet, so it's nice to give him some freedom in this more toddler-friendly zone.

Oh, and of course that's how you go down slides, if you didn't know.

Friday evening we ate Fresh Corn Grill and got to bed a little later than we should have, but it was a nice night. Then Saturday we woke up early (er, at the usual 6 am thanks to our living alarm clock) and headed to an 8 am My Gym class. The group was a smaller one, and actually it was our last "Tiny Tikes" class (we move up to "Waddlers" next week!), so I'm glad Terry could join us!

Once Marshall was down for his nap, I put some finishing touches on Jenn's gift and my fruit salad and headed out to her mom's house for the baby shower. I absolutely LOVE Jenn's family, in-laws, and friends, and tons of her long distance relatives flew out for the occasion, so I had a blast visiting with everyone and celebrating the guest of honor!

The only real game was that each guest could write a bunch of boy names on a card (I suppose to give Jenn and Justin some suggestions), and then if your card was pulled you'd win a gift card.

I made Jenn a scrapbook inspired by the one Ashley made for my shower--guests wrote little notes to the baby, plus we can add all Jenn's sonogram photos and her bump pictures as well. 

A family friend made the cake, and the baker who made Jenn and Justin's wedding cake made the cupcakes, plus Jenn's sister-in-law made brownies.

I think gifts took about an hour! A few of us helped hand over gifts and collect trash, so I felt slightly useful.

Jenn's mom's backyard was perfect for the event.

Diaper cake from Jenn's sister-in-law! 

The spread--chicken, rice, lots of veggies, pitas, corn muffins, and my fruit salad. I followed Joanna's suggestion to make a fruit salad using fruits of all the same color family, and I think it turned out quite nicely.

A close family friend, Arnold, MADE this rocking horse for the baby! UCLA colors, too. :-)  Justin broke it in, but the baby will love it, no doubt.

Mama-to-be with her mama

The shower was really nice, a good mix of food and chatting, and a long break for me from baby duties. Marshall took only a short nap for Terry, unfortunately, but then the two of them hit up the Promenade and the park, so I'd say it was a successful boys' day. By 6:30 Marshall was ready to pass out, and he slept right through until 6:15. Good job, honey. :-)

Today we're taking it pretty easy, since sickness is still plaguing the house. We're SO ready to feel 100% again, but we're both not quite there and just praying Marshall doesn't get another bout of it. Luckily he seems pretty content with stacking and sorting lately, so we're enjoying a mellow day. I just started my next book, The Girl on the Train, and maybe I'll fly through that one the way I did with The One and Only (which was a fun, quick one!). 

We are, however, working on our meal plans--only two days planned so far, though.
Sunday: Meatball pita pizzas (using leftover meatballs)
Monday: Pesto, goat cheese, and roasted vegetable sandwiches (making the bread right now!)

That's it so far. I'd love to bust out the crock pot this week, so hopefully I'll feel inspired one day. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and here's to a great, healthy week!

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  1. The food looks so tasty! Congratulation for the baby shower party.