Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Important Questions about Dessert Temperatures

Hello hello! If you're reading this post on Wednesday, happy first day of autumn! Yay! I'm eager for cooler temperatures and the ability to wear clothes that aren't just items I throw on knowing I'll get sweaty immediately.

After our quick trip up north, I enjoyed a productive day yesterday during Marshall's three-plus-hour nap(!). Jenn and Justin joined us for dinner to give them a night off from cooking as they patiently await the arrival of their little bundle. I'm so excited to bring them some freezer meals and other goodies once baby boy makes his debut! And I swear it's not only because I want to snuggle a newborn again. :-)

So I told Jenn that if she wanted to bring something for dinner she could, and she brought over these super delicious and surprisingly nutritious muffins (the recipe apparently called them brownies, but that was a lie; still, they tasted fantastic). Jenn tried them right out of the oven and didn't care for them, but then liked them once chilled. I actually find myself feeling that way about most desserts, believe it or not! I might like a piping hot berry pie with some ice cream, or a warm croissant, but overall I think baked goods taste best around room temperature or even cold. Frozen-and-then-mostly-thawed brownies are THE BEST. Cookies cooled for about 20 minutes out of the oven (so they're barely warm but the chocolate chips are still melty) are awesome. Room temperature cake is the only way to go. Is it something to do with letting the steam settle down? Has this phenomenon been studied?

If you need any more advice about the temperature at which to eat your desserts, please contact me.

More photos from the beginning of this week:

My lunches the last two days have been a lettuce-wrap burger with guacamole. YUM.

Marshall enjoyed one of the aforementioned muffins Jenn brought us.

Then he brought Scout two coasters. As one does.

We spent the morning with Jenn--a walk plus a stop at Dunkin' Donuts (we resisted the donuts!)--and then another LONG nap from Marshall. This afternoon we made these brownie bites from Fitnessista--SO good! They were our dessert tonight with some milk.
My little helper! As he gets older it's so fun to have him "help" in the kitchen! We mostly make smoothies together, because he loves pushing the buttons or holding the lid to the blender. 

Once Terry came home we all headed out for a family walk/jog. We walked maybe ten or fifteen minutes, plus six rounds of 2 minutes jogging/1 minute walking. At the end we let Marshall out of his stroller to walk on his own, which he loved!
Almost running!

Daddy and Marshall

After Marshall went to sleep, Terry and I tackled Day 7 of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, which was one of my favorites so far. Challenging and a bit faster paced but still only 30 minutes so not too crazy. Then we ate nachos for dinner. Balance.

And now we're settling in for some down time before bed. The nights go so fast, don't they? Happy first day of fall to you; hopefully it's cooler where you are!

What's your preferred dessert temperature? Don't worry, we can still be friends if you like your food fresh from the oven.


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