Thursday, September 3, 2015

Photos and Phrases

Happy Friday to you! Any plans for Labor Day weekend? We are staying home, which is pretty rare. Usually we visit my family and enjoy some waterskiing, but we decided it would be too much this year with the new puppy, crazy traffic, and the fact that Terry has to work tomorrow (which is actually pretty unusual! He has every other Friday off, and normally it works out that holiday weekends are off Fridays). So anyway, we're looking for some fun around here, and we're having brunch with our friends on Sunday. I'm sure we'll eat out once as a special treat, and I think some workouts will wind up on the agenda, as they usually do. Plus, the Bruins play on Saturday!

A phrase per photo. Simple post for Friday.

Double-fisting at breakfast:

The fire hat has become a semi-regular accessory.

Marshall's horoscope--Terry and I laughed out loud.

Grocery shopping at Whole Foods, which is rare now--I went a little overboard.

Not sure what this face was about, but today a trucker honked and waved at Marshall and pretty much made his day.

Our neighbor made us cupcakes! We used to have neighbors who smoked pot at our old place, and it was horrible. So today I e-mailed Terry and used the hashtag: #neighborswhobakearewaybetterthanneighborswhogetbaked. I was pretty proud.

I asked Marshall to help me shake up the potatoes with olive oil, and he took the bag and put it in a random drawer and then walked away. What the heck?

Dinner: Fish, squash, burrata, and potato.

Of possible interest:

My friend Heidi sent me this article on why C-Sections and Vaginal Births Are Exactly the Same, and I'm so grateful (thanks Heidi!). While of course they're not totally the same, and while I definitely think it's okay to feel any range of emotions about your particular birth, I really liked the article and thought the perspective was refreshing and sweet. 

I found this article from a former GMO scientist fascinating, and it provides more in-depth information about GMOs. It's certainly food for thought at the very least.

And finally, I completely understand if this one isn't for everyone, but I'm really having a tough time processing the photo that went viral from the Syrian refugee tragedy. I won't pretend I understand much about what's going on in Syria and Europe, but I will say that the photo at least inspired me to learn more. Either way, this beautiful and tragic compilation of cartoon responses to the photograph broke my heart, mostly because of course I can't help thinking about my own little boy. Here's to more peace and more compassion in the world, if nothing else.


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