Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's Five Highlights

Today moved a little slowly, so I thought I'd share some highlights.

Upping my workouts for the second day in a row! I really haven't been pushing myself over the last few months, for whatever reason. I've been consistent but pretty mellow, and I've done very few HIIT workouts overall. We're just starting to get back into running, but my body aches a lot when I run now, so I'm trying to keep my workouts super balanced--more yoga, more strength training, lots of stretching, and plenty of rest days. So anyway, yesterday and today I enjoyed some long walks (about six miles yesterday and maybe three or four today), yoga both days (yesterday and today), and a solid lower body workout today:

- 50 squats
- 50 plie squats
- 50 plie squat pulses
- 25 one-leg squats (each side)
- 25 one-leg glute bridges (each side)
- 50 stationary lunges (each side)

My legs were burning for sure, and yoga today felt amaaaaaazing to stretch everything out (luckily it was a lot of hip openers and stretching). Rest day tomorrow for sure!

Pumpkins! At Trader Joe's today, I impulse bought these pumpkins, and then Marshall spent most of the morning playing with them. He tried SO hard to stack them! 

Walking with Jenn! Truth be told, at this point we're just trying to get her labor moving along, so it was almost an hour of walking. Definitely a highlight to hang out with Jenn, but I can't wait for her baby to get here so we can walk with him, too!

Also, Marshall stared at this construction site for about seven minutes with his mouth wide open.

THIS PIZZA. Usually, I live my life by a very strict rule: Low expectations. Especially for meals, because then they can't disappoint you. But I couldn't follow my own rule for this pizza. It just looked too good. The flavors made too much sense together. And three cheeses? Come on, folks. I never stood a chance. But it did NOT disappoint. The Brussels sprouts were perfectly cooked, the cheeses melted perfectly together, and the end result made me super happy I had enough ingredients to make a second pizza. We'll be enjoying this meal the rest of the week!

And finally, just hanging out with Terry at the end of the night. We watched some of The Office while we did our workout and then caught the newest episode of Mindy on Hulu. I always look forward to our evenings, and I guess I don't apply my low expectations rule there, either. But the evenings never disappoint. Hanging out with my husband in our sweaty workout clothes while watching TV? Not a bad way to end the day.

Also, side note: I love this post from Monica. She gets real and says things I wish I could say. 

What was a highlight from your day? 

What's your favorite pizza? This one might be a new contender for a favorite!


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