Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sentence Per Picture Weekend

Our first stop along the drive, so we let Marshall stretch his legs in the front seat. 

Terry explaining the origin of the days of the week.

Morning reading time with PopPop.

Marshall spent about ten minutes lining up all these bottles. 

Big dogs, little boy. 

Swimming! Marshall laughed the entire time.

Except when he had to chase the ball, because that's no laughing matter.

Photos with the three dogs (from left: Tango, Achilles, and Eiger--my brother and Ashley's dogs and my parents' new puppy).

Exhausted puppy (he's only 5 months old!).

Time to go home!

But first, a stop to see some animals!

Baby chicks!

A goat, roosters, geese, and a pig!

Then we made it home (I even got a little snooze in the car!), ate Chipotle for dinner, and watched Marshall plunge headfirst into a tub of yogurt.

Some other (unpictured) highlights from the weekend:
- Lots of crossword puzzles and Sudoku with Terry.
- A really tough workout! I'll try to remember to share details tomorrow. 
- Delicious meals, as always, including killer burgers and beer can chicken.

Time to start another week! Here we go...


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