Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Significantly Underwhelming Experience

Well, guys, yesterday I checked another item off the 30 Before 30 list! Given the amount of time on my hands, I'm aiming to squeeze in several of my goals sooner than later. My mom and I are already signed up for a cooking class when I go up to visit her!

So yesterday I set out to go to a movie by myself. I've thought about it for years, and my mom's done it several times. It seemed like a good thing to do. I just get so worked up about these types of things; much as I love to try something new, I let myself get all anxious in unfamiliar situations. So I tried to get out of it (oh, I can't find the free tickets...oh, it's not a convenient time...oh, maybe Terry would want to see this movie with me...). And then I got in the damn car and bought a ticket.

Turns out, going to a movie by myself was (unsurprisingly) anticlimactic. It was exactly like going to the movies with someone, except no one sat next to me. Which was good, because it was a theater with couches and I would have felt uncomfortable chillin' on a couch with a stranger.

So moving on, huh?

Tonight for dinner I tried a spin on one of our usual meals. I love making veggie burritos--they're packed with a variety of vegetables, they taste fantastic, and they are beyond easy to make. But this time I added a little flair:

  • I bought Terry's favorite tortillas from Teresa's Mosaic Cafe in El Segundo
  • I made the refried beans myself (surprisingly easy!) using Lisa's recipe
  • I made fresh guacamole 
  • We used purple and white bell peppers from the farmer's market, plus zucchini

Just these simple touches made the meal we normally throw together (and still enjoy) a little more special--and even more delicious! 

After dinner, when I made the horrifying realization that we had nothing for dessert, I raced to Smitten Kitchen's brilliant blog to find a brownie recipe. Those are currently cooling (while we drool), and we're off to enjoy some DVR action. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. Taking a cooking class is on my list of 101 in 1001. You just inspired me to start looking around for that! (I think I may have found something!!!)
    Have fun at your cooking class-i look forward to reading about it