Friday, July 19, 2013

New-to-Us Restaurants in LA

A new-to-us restaurant opened about a mile from our apartment, and they recently sent us a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to encourage neighbors to try it out. So yesterday evening we walked up to Brentwood to try Burger Lounge

The menu is simple--mostly burgers, salads, and fries/onion rings--but when you do something well you should stick with it, right? And they do burgers very well! They also have desserts, including shakes that I'd like to try another time. And they do specials, too, like the lamb burger, which Terry tried.

It says "grass-fed," not "ass-fed." 

You know when restaurants publish photos of their food that look delicious, but then the actual food doesn't seem so appealing? Definitely NOT a problem at Burger Lounge! The burgers looked at least as good as the photos and tasted great, too!

Terry's lamb burger

My "lounge style" burger

Plenty of dipping sauce options--all free! BBQ, ranch, ketchup, and Thousand Island

The half and half--onion rings and fries

We liked it.

The food was delicious--fresh, simple, perfectly cooked. We thought the burgers were fantastic, and we'll definitely go back to try more. The crisp toppings made me think of In-N-Out, and I was impressed with the variety of options given the seemingly simple menu. Oh, and the prices were excellent! Under $8 for a grass-fed burger? That's a rarity around here.

The restaurant itself was tiny, and the seat-yourself setup meant that we had to keep a sharp eye out for an open table. Sitting outside seemed ideal, but nothing was available, so we ended up pretty close to the loud kitchen. Not ideal for a romantic date, but for a casual night out it worked just fine. And the service was excellent! You order at the counter, but the servers bring your food to your table and refill drinks, bring extra sauces, etc. Impressive indeed.

There are now several Burger Lounge locations in Southern California (LA and San Diego), so I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

The rest of this weekend has been heavenly--sleeping in, yoga, long walks, and a fun lunch and dessert out. We tried Huckleberry again (Terry had the Reuben and I went for the BLTA, both were delicious but Terry wanted more meat--it barely covered the bread) for lunch, then ventured to Sweet Rose Creamery. Owned by the same company as Huckleberry, we had heard about this ice cream shop and its unique flavors. But the flavors were, in fact, awesome. I opted for mint chocolate chip (REAL mint--it seriously tasted like a mojito!) in a chocolate cone (what?!) and Terry had something with ginger cookie and candied orange. We even thought they were worth the high price ($8 for the two single scoops), though they would be a special treat for sure. 

With these indulgent meals, I'm making sure to find plenty of time for workouts! I did some amazing yoga today, plus lots of walking, and tomorrow we're hitting the gym for some sort of full body workout. It always feels extra good after a day of treats!


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