Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Loving this little guy

And missing this big guy

Could he be more handsome?

Excited about our Europe trip, where we'll be joining my parents for a few days in Switzerland and Austria
Photo from our honeymoon in London

Thankful to be able to work out again. After almost two weeks off, I have joined my mom at the gym and taken a few long walks, which makes my body so happy! Tomorrow Mom and I are trying out a boot camp class, and I'll be designing a little weight routine for after the class. I'm still stretching plenty (though not as much as I was last week, which I regret).

Stressed about life decisions. While I know I could be in a worse position, being unemployed is a scary, anxiety-ridden choice. Here's hoping it'll all turn out okay!

Loving America's Test Kitchen. My dad told me about this KQED (PBS) show, and I'm going to be obsessed by the end of the week. The show chooses a recipe or theme for the week (breakfast foods, for example, or croissants). The breakfast show goes through how to make scrambled eggs--but it details the science of eggs and how they are heated--and also touches on 10 different toasters and how they tested the best one. Since I love baking but don't understand too much about the science of it, the details of what works and what doesn't, I find this show fascinating! (I will say, this show doesn't focus at all on health or nutrition--they focus instead on taste or convenience or even texture. But it's still interesting, entertaining, and educational!)

Excited for whatever is next. Terry and I have some big changes in the offing, and I'm eager to see where it all takes us. A new job? A new place to live? Lots of possibilities!

What have you been up to lately? 


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