Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sore on a WIAW

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I'm still suuuuuper sore over here from this madness:

Looking back at the original post for this workout, I now realize that I only used weights for the deadlifts. No wonder yesterday was so hard! We used weights the entire time: 10-lb. dumbbells for me for all exercises except the Romanian deadlifts, for which I used 15 pounds. (Terry, champ that he is, used 20-lb. weights the entire time.) Yowza. Walking today is a little rough.

Now I'm back up in Northern California again to help my parents finish packing up their house. We moved a few items into their apartment today and will continue packing and moving throughout the week. Here's what I ate on this day of travel, moving, and relaxing.

Breakfast: leftover pancakes from last night with peanut butter and maple syrup, plus berries on the side and some tea

Lunch: a small sandwich

And a peach!

Snack: salami, cheese, and crackers

Dinner: steak, half a sweet potato (baked with butter and salt), and half a corn on the cob, plus a glass of wine

Dessert: shortbread cookies

I'm already looking forward to a solid workout tomorrow, since I took it pretty easy today. Mom's taking me to a Zumba class at her gym, and I'm hoping to squeeze in an upper body workout before that. Like I said the other day, hanging out with my parents usually means I'm in the midst of a fitness retreat. And I kind of love it!


  1. I LOVE a deck of cards workout. Such a good one.


  3. I just did a similar workout with my boot camp and hope they loved it and are just as sore ;) Your meals look delicious too!

  4. Awesome workout!!!! I love playing card workouts. I particularly like the moves you assigned each card and may follow suit! (yuk yuk ;) )

  5. Drooling over your sandwich - I think I need more veggies and sandwiches in my life :)