Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Long Road Home

I loved reading all your comments on Sunday's post, Last Weekend in My Hometown. I, too, said goodbyes yesterday when I drove away for the last time. Lots of tears and hugs from Mom and Dad made it easier (or harder?), and I was thankful for Scout's presence because focusing on him proved a valuable distraction.

Scout has always hated car rides, but being away from him for several weeks while I was helping my parents just wasn't an option. So we brought him along, and I knew I would have to drive back with him on my own (Terry is still on a business trip). But he actually did alright and even snoozed a little on the way down. We tried using a ThunderShirt, recommended by a few other pet owners I know; I'm not sure if it worked, but it certainly didn't hurt, so we'll keep trying it. (If you're curious, the ThunderShirt is supposed to help animals calm down during thunder, travel, etc.)

Don't worry; once we got home he managed to calm down juuuuust fine

On the way back to LA, I stopped at the jeweler who crafted my engagement ring (<--you can read Terry's version of his proposal!) because I had somehow managed to twist not one but two of the prongs around the center stone. Amazing. But the jeweler polished 'er up real nice and now my rings sparkle like new! I joked with the jeweler that I was worried I'd get distracted by the shine on the way to LA.

After the long drive (about five hours, not including a super quick stop in Kettleman where I scarfed a KIND bar and ran to the bathroom--I didn't want to leave Scout alone in the hot car for more than a few minutes),

Okay, apparently it would have been longer in the other direction

I hauled in my luggage, showered, and turned right back around to grab dinner. Given the lack of groceries (which you'll also notice in tonight's WIAW), cooking sounded ridiculous. Chipotle to the rescue!

The traffic gods smiled upon me, I got into the parking structure before the flat-fee started at 6 pm, AND there was no line; when I walked into Chipotle five workers were lined up at the service bar to greet me and make my bowl--it was hilarious. I told them I felt like they were a little welcome committee and that I was tremendously impressed with the 30 seconds it took for them to make my meal.

I went with The Food Babe's suggestion for Chipotle--lettuce, black beans, tomato salsa, cheese, SO MUCH GUAC, and sour cream (on the side). I usually get brown rice, but the meal was still delicious; the only difference was that I ate the whole bowl instead of half like usual.

I'm off to get the day started! I created a new Tabata workout and tried it this morning--super tough but quick and efficient! I'll post it tonight along with my WIAW. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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