Monday, August 26, 2013

Learning the Tools of the Trade

I don't--never have, likely never will--consider myself an expert blogger by any means. I publish five times (ish) per week, and usually my posts take at least 45 minutes to write, edit, and publish. If I create some sort of graphic, like I did tonight, I can count on closer to 90 minutes to publish. Some days it takes all day to finally get a post up, and I don't find myself moving any faster even after almost two years.

I'm slow on my computer. No matter how many times I edit (usually using PicMonkey), I still feel like it takes me forever to create something I'm happy to post. And often times I'm not even that thrilled with the end result (tonight would be an excellent example), but I'm too tired to go back and make changes.

I'm also overly critical of myself, especially in my writing. I delete, revise, edit, and rework most of what I write. I take about 15 photos of each meal to get one I actually like (I imagine this number will change if/when we move to an apartment with some natural light). I am almost always too lazy to edit said photos, unless I make time for a collage or graphic. And often when I do edit photos, I hate the outcome more than the original.

But the truth is, I still enjoy this blogging thing, learning a new trick or two along the way. It will never be a full-time job (or even a part-time job), but it's fun and challenging, much like my book project, and I'm going to keep on doing it.

To show my lack of talent but bountiful willingness to publish imperfect graphics, here's the workout I designed for Terry to complete in his hotel room tomorrow. It looks pretty challenging--I may try it myself while I'm out visiting him!

It's pure chaos, right? Oh, well. It only looked chaotic when I got to the last ones, and by then it was 10 pm. I actually have plans tomorrow (shocking!), so I'm going with it!

Some notes:

1 min 180 Jump Squats + 1 min Pendulum Lunges (complete 2 times)

25 crunches of choice--choose something challenging, like legs up or bicycle crunches

1 min Star Jumps + 1 min Tricep Dips (complete 3 times)

2 min Side Walking Planks -- in a plank position, "walk" sideways, moving right arm and leg together, then bringing left arm and leg back to a plank, continuing as far as your space will allow, then reverse the other direction

50 Jumping Jacks + 1 min Down Dog Split Switches (complete 3 times) -- for the second exercise, start in Downward Facing Dog, lift right leg straight up into the air, hold 2-3 seconds, then lower and switch

1 min Wall Sit -- aim for right angles at your ankles, knees, and hips, with your full spine as flat against the wall as possible (to increase the challenge, place a stability ball behind your back and against the wall)

25 crunches of choice

10 Wide-Arm Push Ups + 10 Tricep Push Ups (Complete 3 times)

Let me know what you think!

What's your hobby? Do you work hard to improve, or is it just for fun?


  1. LOVE this workout! I am trying it today!!!!

    1. Woo hoo!! Let me know what you think!

  2. i love no equipment workouts! this looks like a great one and the graphic looks fantastic! :)

    1. Aww thanks! A little chaos never hurt anyone, right? (Actually, maybe it did...but we'll just move right along.)

  3. This workout looks good..... and tough!

  4. Oh my goodness - you are a lifesaver. I recently moved and was desperate this morning for a no equipment workout. I am going to delurk and say I love your workouts becaUSE they actually challenge me - and a lot of online blogger workouts don't. This one completely kicked my trash. I was dripping by the end (it took me about 26 min) and had to modify the tri-push-ups because I was spent. Thanks so much for posting! I love your blog and especially your workouts! (Since I'm not usually creative enough on my own to put them together.)

    1. Wow, Celeste, thanks so much for the kind words! And I'm thrilled you found it so tough--that's a good sign. Sometimes I'm dying by the end of my workouts and I think, "Wait, am I just a total wimp?" :-) Glad to hear I was able to help!