Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Day in the Life: Two Jobs Edition

Since taking on a part time, holiday-season-only job, life has really sped up around here, which is actually a good thing. With Terry gone for work so much in November, December, and January, I needed a distraction to keep me feeling like I'm a useful part of society instead of a soft lump on the couch. So here's what my day looked like Wednesday, when I worked both jobs.


2:02 am - Woke up in the middle of the night, took about 40 minutes to fall asleep again. Apparently sleeping on my stomach and back is no longer an option.
5:08 am - Alarm went off, I hit the snooze.
5:10 am - Alarm went off again, I hit the snooze.
5:10 am - Terry called me to wake me up. I barely remember this call, but it happened. It was nice to hear his voice first thing, though!
5:15 am - Showered, got dressed, dried my hair a bit, fed the cat.
5:45 am - Ate a quick bowl of cereal while making my French toast, started the tea.
6:00 am - Sat down to eat breakfast while Scout played to entertain me.
6:03 am - Scrambled to finish getting ready, packed my bag, grabbed snacks for the morning.
6:15 am - Out the door.
6:35 am - Arrived at school, subbed for a friend who was out sick. She teaches 6:45 to 1 pm, so I followed her schedule, which involved almost no breaks! I'm impressed that she does that every day (when I taught for four years, I always had my prep period in the middle of the morning, so I got some nicely spaced breaks).


1:00 pm - Got called to the office, which was super weird.
1:04 pm - Arrived at the office to find the best surprise ever: Terry! He came home two days early and surprised me! Woo hoo! I turned bright red and got all teary, but it was awesome.
1:20 pm - Stopped at Trader Joe's to grab a few groceries.
1:55 pm - Scrambled around the house hiding my gifts for Terry because I had planned to wrap them before he got home but obviously didn't get to it.
1:58 pm - Got started on roasting spaghetti squash and heating up marinara sauce while we also sliced up some cheese and salami for lunch.
2:10 pm - Ate lunch, watched Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother, played with the kitten, relaxed, chatted with Terry.
3:30 pm - Terry drove me to work (one of many perks of having him home!).
4:00 pm - Started my shift at the store.
8:45 pm - Clocked out, Terry picked me up to head home.
9:05 pm - Arrived home to the dishes and laundry DONE!!!
9:10 pm - Heated up spaghetti squash with mozzarella for myself and scarfed it down, along with a bowl of cereal to bookend the day. We watched some TV and chatted while I ate, and Terry played with Scout.
10:30 pm - Got ready for bed, checked my blogs, hoped for a good night of rest.

And that was that! My routine isn't too different now that I'm pregnant, but I'm sure things will evolve over the next few months. My belly (though still not really showing according to most people but definitely there according to me) is already preventing me from bending down too quickly and from sleeping on my side or back, but those are minor adjustments so far.

Today we even managed a pretty tough workout together. I made up my own version of the 1000 Rep Workout:

Complete 10 reps of each exercise; complete 10 rounds total. Exercises are all body weight exercises, unless indicated. If using dumbbells, choose a light weight--you are doing 100 reps, after all.
  • Bent over dumbbell rows
  • Walking lunges (5 per side)
  • Dumbbell biceps curls
  • Plie squats
  • Push ups (<--you better believe I did all of these on my knees)
  • Squats
  • Dumbbell overhead shoulder press 
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Glute bridges
  • Bench dips
I definitely feel fatigued after that one! Somehow, though, we mustered up more energy to make one of our favorite comfort meals: shepherd's pie. We loosely follow Sunny Anderson's recipe minus the mushroom gravy, and today we used bison meat. Hello deliciousness! And the best part...plenty of leftovers! Even Terry, with three servings, couldn't even eat half the dish.

I also baked up a new-to-me brownie recipe, promised to be the best I've ever had. They're in the oven now, and the house smells heavenly, so I'll let you know what I think!

Oh, and since I mentioned it, here's one of my maternity purchases from this weekend. Burgundy pants aren't normally something I'd be brave enough to buy, but I feel like I can make them work. 

Hope you had an awesome day! 


  1. Sometimes, I see the cutest maternity clothes out there and wish there was a normal replica out there!

  2. It's so interesting to see the day to day lives. Everyone seems to squeeze a lot into their day! Off to check out the 1000 rep link.

    Thanks for linking up!