Sunday, December 8, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

What a wonderful end to the weekend. Terry and I were supposed to get our car serviced and visit a new scuba shop today, but both plans didn't work out, so we took it as a sign to stay home and snuggle up together. We made cinnamon ice cream for tonight's dinner with Jenn and Justin at their place (I'm in charge of dessert), I baked chocolate cookies, we watched a few movies as we got a few things done around the house, and we took a little walk to pick up a few essentials for the week. Lunch was BLTAs on grilled bread (Terry was quite proud of my grill marks).

Last night, after a full day of work at the store, Terry and I headed out to downtown LA for dinner and a movie with Heidi and Ed.

We bought a Travelzoo voucher months ago (before Heidi and I were both pregnant!) and needed to use it before Christmas, so last night we made it happen. Aside from the traffic getting to LA Live (the entertainment center of downtown LA), the night was awesome. The voucher included dinner at LA Market, famous for the signature chef Kerry Simon. We thought the meal was a fantastic deal: $135 for four people (not including tip) and we got to choose any four appetizers, any four entrees (including sides, if your meal doesn't hit the max price), and two desserts for the table. I chose the baked artichoke for my appetizer, and of course I had to get the famous burger that won Iron Chef for Chef Simon.

Hello, gorgeous.

And we all sampled the junk food platter for dessert!

Cotton candy, vanilla milkshakes, macaroons, macarons, churros, caramel corn, cookies, Snickers bars, and brownies. 

We all loved our meals and left stuffed. Moreover, I was impressed with the seasonal, local food that the restaurant serves. Terry and I are already talking about going back.

After dinner and catching up, we walked across the street to the movie theater to see Frozen. We all thought it was a great movie! Perfect for the holidays (though not at all about Christmas) and a great story. We also saw some "elves" building a life-sized gingerbread house!

It was a late night (definitely our latest in awhile), so I was grateful to sleep in a bit this morning. And we're excited to catch up with Jenn and Justin tonight to celebrate their engagement and catch up, because it's been awhile!

On the schedule this week: Terry leaves for another business trip, but we don't know when. I took Tuesday off because he was originally scheduled to leave Wednesday, but now he might leave a day early. :-( I have some subbing and work at the store lined up, and I'm hoping for three cardio days and three strength days for my workouts (some might overlap). And since I'll likely be back to meals for one, hopefully I can come up with some creative ideas for what to make. The creativity fairy hasn't struck yet...

Hope you have a lovely rest of the night and a fantastic start to the week!


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