Sunday, December 1, 2013


Well, in case you missed it on Instagram, here's the big news:

I'm pregnant! Terry and I will be welcoming a baby in early June. We are of course very excited to add to our little family, and we're thrilled that our family and friends have been so excited for us. We thought we felt a lot of love when we got engaged and married, but those experiences didn't come close to this outpouring of love.

A few fun facts, for those who might be curious:

I'm 13 and a half weeks along, due June 5, 2014. We found out I was pregnant on September 22, the day before we left for our big trip to Europe (and right after my horrible bout of colitis--thankfully, baby is doing just fine, even after the hospital visit). Yes, it was planned (the baby, not the colitis). :-)

My first trimester is officially over. Overall, my symptoms weren't too bad. I have a lot of friends who are pregnant or recently had children, and I think I got pretty lucky: some morning sickness (a few really rough days), some back aches, some fatigue (in Europe I was happy to go to bed at 7 pm each night), but nothing extreme. Now, I feel almost 100% normal, and I'm getting a lot of my energy back.

We aren't going to find out the sex of the baby. Most people are surprised to hear this. Our doctors included.

The other common question I get is about my workouts or how I feel about my body changing. While it's strange to have a little belly now (I'll post a photo or two when it's more legit), I'm actually pretty stoked about the whole experience. I'm already in maternity pants, which are officially the most comfortable items of clothing in the world, and I've been able to maintain a semi-normal exercise routine. I'll post a more thorough post about my pregnancy workouts soon.

As far as food, I'm eating almost all the same foods, just a bit more often. I haven't had any major cravings, but I've sought out guacamole more desperately than usual. And no consistent aversions, except cooked spinach and steak. So strange.

And here are the fun pregnancy stories so far:

  • One day, I left the house and made it all the way to my car in my slippers before realizing I needed shoes. 
  • I now leave all the cabinet doors open when I'm in the kitchen. I'm aware of this problem, yet I continue to do it. 
  • I spent half an hour looking for ketchup in our apartment while our party guests waited patiently, only to discover that I never actually purchased the ketchup. Apparently I just debated over which kind to buy and then left the aisle.
And that's all for now! I promise not to go overboard on the whole pregnancy thing, at least on the blog, but I'll share a few details here and there. 

Have a wonderful start to your week!


    mamahood? BEST THING EVER.

  2. AH CONGRATS!!!!!!!! so exciting!!! can't wait to hear/read more!! xoxo

  3. YAY!!! Congrats, Julie! That is so wonderful. And for the record - mama just gets worse once the kids are out. haha!

  4. Congrats!! I enjoy following your blog and travels!!