Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Guides Galore

It turns out that, even though first trimester is over (good riddance), I'm still feeling major effects of fatigue in situations that surprise me. Granted, I've kept myself rather active and busy, but the exhaustion sets in sooner than I expect and just knocks me out.

Sunday I spent a few hours shopping; Monday I subbed and then worked at the store; today I cleaned house and then ran about ten Christmas errands. And now that I've sat down to write this post, I don't think I can get up again.

(Just kidding. I totally just got up to get a bowl of cereal. What can I say? The power of food is apparently greater than the power of exhaustion.)

No, it's not cereal, but it's a nice photo.

These past few days have felt rather productive, though, and I'm pretty close to finishing my Christmas shopping. And I actually love the whole shopping experience. Finding the perfect gift for someone makes me so happy. And this year has been a good one; I feel like I ended up with too many ideas for most people, rather than walking around aimlessly, desperate to just purchase something and get home.

A lot of bloggers have created some awesome gift-giving guides. I love the idea of a gift guide, but it's just not going to happen for me this year, so I thought I would link to some of my favorite gift lists if you (like me) still have some shopping to do!

And just for fun I chose a few ideas of my own, both reasonably priced and splurge options:

For the fitness lover in your life: New workout clothes (I'm always more motivated when I have fun, stylish, comfortable clothes!)--I like TJ Maxx and Marshall's--or a Polar Heart Rate Monitor 

My favorite jacket from UnderArmour

For the home chef: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, any Ina Garten cookbook, or a nice slow cooker (we have all of these items and use them regularly; I guarantee satisfaction!)

For your guy: This shirt:

Why not?

For anyone special in your life: An "experience" gift. My favorite gifts to give and receive are those that involve going somewhere, doing something, spending time with the person to whom I'm giving the gift. A few years ago I surprised Terry with a trip to Denver for a brewery tour trip, and it's still one of our favorite vacations (and he says it was one of his favorite gifts!). You can't go wrong with tickets to a sporting event, a night out to dinner followed by ice skating, or supplies for a mellow picnic at home with a new-to-you movie.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! What's your favorite gift (given or received) of all time? 


  1. there really are so many great holiday gift guides out there! i'm checking out some of the ones you posted that i missed! :)

    would my husband wear that tee??
    Probably not :-)

  3. I've got over 52 guides linked up here: http://www.runtothefinish.com/2013/11/10-creative-gifts-for-fitness.html it was super fun seeing what everyone did!!

  4. That t-shirt is amazing! Thanks for sharing the gift guides!

  5. Thankfully I think I am good on gifts, minus my sister's husband (sort of) and my DAD! Ugh, my dad is the HARDEST PERSON to get gifts for! :-/ BAHHH!

  6. love the guides!!! I think my husband would wear that shirt! - Alex