Monday, December 16, 2013


I love reading these posts when other bloggers do them. It's a good way to provide a little snapshot of what's going on, especially since I've struggled with a regular blogging routine lately. I'm not able to blog when I sub, and on days that I work at the store I have a tough time feeling motivated to write a quality post at 9:30 pm. So now here's a little insight into life around here lately.

Eating...overnight oats! During my first trimester, large amounts of dairy weren't my jam. But lately I've been able to eat yogurt, ice cream, milk, and cheese with no problems. So when Terry requested overnight oats the other day, I made a bowl for myself, too...and LOVED them all over again!

Reading...Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman, a recommendation from my friend Jenn. It's a book that follows an American woman raising her first child in Paris, observing and researching the major differences between French and American children. Terry and I are reading it together and loving it! It's so interesting to read about a different culture's childcare and child rearing customs.

Feeling...the Christmas spirit.

Learning...firsthand what round ligament pain is and how uncomfortable it is. Some parts of pregnancy are tougher than others, but even the painful stuff makes me feel like I'm right on track. clothes! A few of my friends have mentioned that they wish they had gotten into maternity clothes sooner, so I figured 15 weeks was as good a time as any to splurge on some new stuff for myself. I found a few pairs of leggings, some sweaters, and new bras. My mom had already bought me a few shirts, and I got a pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy around week 12, so I feel pretty happy for the time being. Hopefully these items will last me the rest of this pregnancy AND through the next one!

Missing...Terry. But I'm so thankful he'll be back quickly this time around!

Planning...our babymoon! We have no idea where we're going yet, but we're throwing around some ideas. Warm and tropical? Somewhere with snow? Local? Far away? Any suggestions? body. I'm so excited about my growing belly and learning what it means to accept whatever else grows, too (hips, thighs,'s all happening). I'm also so proud that my legs carried me three miles jogging yesterday!

Wondering...why this guy chose to sunbathe in our apartment complex's parking lot. We have TWO pools.

What about you? Anything fun going on?


  1. Ha! Love the sneaky snap of the sunbather from the car! xoxo

  2. Love the picture of the guy sitting in a lawn chair! lol! Some odd people out there!!!