Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIAW--as the French Do

Today I did something I almost never do: I ate three meals, plus dessert. Normally, as you've noticed with other WIAWs, I snack all day. But I decided to try what the French do and go with just three larger meals today. (Terry thought it was strange that I found this method to be an experiment, as it's a very common way of eating. Whatever, it's not my norm.)

So here's what I ate:

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs (made with milk and cheese), plus a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, sliced bananas, and strawberries.

Lunch: turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with cheese, mustard, and avocado, plus a baked sweet potato with some butter and salt

And a small brownie with a glass of milk with lunch.

For dinner, I made ground beef tacos with bell peppers, spinach, Iberico cheese, some Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and crunchy taco shells, plus some mango

And for dessert, some ice cream with granola

My little experiment (which Terry still thinks is ridiculous and doesn't really count as an experiment) really wasn't a big deal. I didn't get hungry between meals, and I think my meals were a little more well rounded than my snacks usually are.

I really don't have too much to report from the rest of my day. I got in some quality time on the treadmill this morning (30 minutes walking), subbed a half day, and spent the afternoon catching up with Jenn at her place. This evening Terry came home after a night away in San Diego for work, so we chatted awhile before settling in for new episodes of New Girl and Brooklyn 99. Riveting, right?

I am, however, really looking forward to this weekend: apartment hunting and our first birth class! Can you believe it's already almost March?

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