Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

Happy Monday! And a very happy birthday to my mom! I hope it's an awesome day for her especially. :-)

I really wanted to post last night, but I just felt completely drained. It was a wonderful, relaxing fun weekend, but lately I've felt so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open after 9 pm. I know it's just the pregnancy, but I can't help feeling frustrated at my lack of energy. More on that in another post (I'll post a 24-week update later this week!).

As I mentioned, we had a great weekend. After we returned from Lake Arrowhead on Friday, I fell asleep super early, as I tend to do now, and we woke up the next morning ready for a big day, starting with a frittata! It was my first time making a frittata (I used Pioneer Woman's guidelines, but used kale, sweet potato, and onion for the fillings), and it was so easy and tasty!

Terry and I made some decisions last week about our future, including the choice to look for a new, bigger apartment. It's tough for a few reasons, including the fact that we absolutely love where we live now. Our apartment is tiny, yes, but it's cozy and cute and has been a wonderful home for us over the last three years. We also love that we're walking distance to several of our favorite restaurants, our farmer's market, and lots of running paths. Plus we have several friends in the neighborhood, and we have a neighbor who watches Scout when we're away.

But, ultimately, we have a little nugget entering the world in a few (um, less than four!) months, so we need more space! We agreed that we would rather move now and give ourselves a chance to settle in a bit instead of waiting until after the baby arrives, which seems far more stressful.

(No, that's not our apartment.)

Our search this weekend yielded some positive results, but we're aiming to move at the end of March, so it's still a bit early (I don't know about where you live, but in these parts apartments don't like to arrange move-in dates more than a few weeks in advance, so it becomes sort of a scramble after you put in notice at your current residence). But at least we got a sense for what's out there and what we can afford.

After our long search on Saturday, we spent the evening with friends at our regular "book club" meeting, which is really more of a dinner party where most of us (or sometimes just a few of us) have read the same book and we may or may not discuss said book for a few minutes. It's a fun get together, and Saturday was no exception.

Sunday morning Terry let me sleep in a bit and then we went into a cleaning frenzy, organizing and tidying the whole apartment. I kind of love those kinds of mornings, slow and relaxed but still productive.

Scout managed to avoid any cleaning. 

And then we took a long walk around our beloved neighborhood (taking advantage while we can) before having our friends and their one-year-old over for dinner. We realized it was the first time we've had friends with a baby visit, and Scout didn't quite know what to make of this small human who made more noise than the rest of us. He was pretty patient, though, and we had a great time catching up with our friends and taking in some of their advice. Terry made a delicious chili and some homemade honey butter (he made the butter from cream--crazy what that stand mixer can do!) for the cornbread I made. My friend Anna brought some Mexican-spiced brownies, which were beyond delicious. She offered to let us keep some and I took more than my share, so I'm excited to have more over the next few nights!

And then, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I fell asleep on the couch. Spoiler alert: I will probably do that every night until June.

Today is off to a great start already. I woke up with Terry, made pancake batter for the week and enjoyed one with bananas and almonds

and am now off to get ready for the day. Jenn and I have plans for a full-body strength workout, so I need to plan what we're doing! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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