Friday, May 16, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

Today was my last day of work! I'll still be working via e-mail a little, but I'm officially off starting Monday. I can't believe how quickly that year flew. I'm trying to avoid planning too many things to do while I'm off, for two reasons: 1) I know I'll find plenty to do to keep myself busy, and I want to avoid overworking; and 2) I am certain that if I plan a whole bunch of projects I'll end up happening to go into labor way earlier than planned!

It's been HOT lately. San Diego is on fire (stay safe down there...). But thankfully, we're supposed to see ten-degree drops each day this weekend. I hope that's happening, because we have two outdoor events to attend this weekend, and this pregnant lady just can't hang in the heat the way I used to.

While subbing today, I read The Giver. The students were in the middle of it, and I had never read it before, so I just dove in. On days like this, when the kids have partner work all day, I usually find lots of ways to stay busy, but today seemed perfect for enjoying what turned out to be a great book!

We're checking out local farmers' markets! I sincerely miss our old market and its proximity to our apartment, but now we have several new options to explore. Today we stopped on the way home from work to check out a market right next to the beach. It's tiny (only about 15 booths), but we discovered that our favorite tamale booth (from our previous market) also has a booth here! We had been meaning to grab frozen tamales to keep for meals after the baby arrives, so it worked out perfectly!

I love this new-to-me website, Healthy Child Healthy WorldAs we registered and shopped for baby items, I felt completely overwhelmed trying to figure out the safest options for our little one. This website, which I unfortunately discovered only today, helps clarify a lot of questions, like which plastics are safe (look for #1, 2, 4, and 5). At least it's a great resource for when I have questions in the future. It also seems to have a lot of great tips for living healthier and helping the environment.

We're just about done shopping for baby. ...For now. We had a great time grabbing some essentials at Buy Buy Baby this week, and we have just a couple more things we need to order on Amazon. Then I'll finally take some photos of the nursery. (Please cross your fingers that baby won't make an appearance before then! We're hoping for two more weeks...)

Look at that stud of a dad-to-be.

Bruschetta is back! We also stopped at a local bakery for bread and made bruschetta for dinner. One of my favorite summer meals!

It was delicious.

Hope you had a wonderful Friday!!!


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