Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nursery Photos and a Tiring Weekend

Yesterday, Terry and I woke up feeling particularly productive and took the opportunity to get the nursery photo-ready. I told my dad today that I don't think we'll ever feel like it's "done," but at least we feel a lot better now. So here's our little one's bedroom.

The crib, a gift from Terry's parents, along with several pillows. Two of the pillows and the orange blanket were homemade gifts from my friend Amanda's mom. I also never saw the need for a crib skirt until we assembled our crib. The bottom just something was missing. And the cat kept trying to crawl through the bars to get under the crib. So we bought a little skirt from Buy Buy Baby.

Our friends Heidi and Ed bought us these adorable wall hangings off of our Target registry. I love them!

My parents gave us this dresser, and we swapped out the handles. It's perfect for our changing pad. Above the dresser we have a Tim Burton numbers print, which we actually bought several years ago at a LACMA event. Terry is a huge Tim Burton fan.

The armoire used to be in our bedroom, but now it doesn't work there, so we will use it for additional storage in the baby's room. The bookcase to the left was a gift from Terry's aunts.

In the very far corner of the room you can sort of see the hamper I spent weeks trying to find. I wanted something wicker-ish and well made, but it wasn't easy. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond but still need a hamper liner.

The bookcase actually houses all of our regular books (not just baby/kids books), but it works in the room.

Here's the entry to the room, a print from my aunt from our baby shower.

We decided to place the glider out in the den/living room area instead of the bedroom. I love the little elephant pillow my mom found!

The elephant blanket across the chair is extra special--a gift from Terry that he gave me when we found out we were pregnant.

Terry and I are both so excited that the room is officially functional and really quite nice for the little one. While the baby will mostly be in our room for the first several weeks, it's a big weight off our shoulders to have the room ready!

The rest of our weekend has flown by, as usual. Friday night we stayed home and took it easy, which turned out to be a great idea. On Saturday morning, as I mentioned, we tackled a lot of last minute nursery projects and then headed out to finally visit our friends Heidi and Ed and their little girl!

Kayla is a little over two weeks old and absolutely adorable. She's super sweet and mellow, and her parents are doing a terrific job. On the way home Terry and I couldn't stop talking about how relaxed and natural they seem as parents. It's clearly a role they were both born to fulfill! They're doing wonderfully and look remarkably refreshed. They make it seem deceptively easy...

It was also great to catch up with Heidi and Ed and our other friends Katie and Corey and their little toddler Ainsley. It's so great to see our friends doing such wonderful jobs as parents. I hope we can do the same!

After our unfortunately short visit, Terry and I headed down to UCLA for an alumni event.

Here's one reason I love my alma mater:

Yay for a healthy campus!

Go Bruins!

Today I was exhausted, likely from yesterday's busy schedule. We took the morning super easy and then headed out to celebrate a family friend's graduation from Clemson. Then we came home for a very mellow night and some kitten cuddles.

Tomorrow we'll be up bright and early for a graduation ceremony, and that's essentially our last "big event" before we hole up in the house and rest up for baby. Terry will still be going to work and I'll still be running an errand or two here and there (not to mention weekly doctor appointments), but no more long drives or crazy days!

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