Monday, May 19, 2014

Low Impact Leg Workout

This weekend (today counted as part of the weekend, because Terry and I attended a graduation ceremony) absolutely wore me out. I've noticed a little dip in my energy level these last two weeks, but I think now I'm at a point where one or two short, close outings should be my limit!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting some of our best friends on Saturday, and we also spent a few hours at UCLA, mingling with other alumni and enjoying the big campaign kickoff event. I'm finding myself less and less excited about being social, but I think it's mostly how tired I feel. After Sunday's graduation party and today's graduation ceremony, I am totally beat. I could have fallen asleep at the restaurant after the ceremony today (and I did fall asleep on the way home!).

And now...we wait!

I thought I'd share a little workout I did last week, when I wasn't terrified that any sort of movement would put me into labor (we're really hoping for one more week to rest). I hadn't worked my legs in a while, so I did the following:

Twenty minutes, no equipment, and you're done! Here are some notes:

Squats: While you don't need equipment for squats to be effective, you can certainly add weights or mix it up with one-legged squats.

Plie Squats: These guys are just the best. Again, you can add weights for more challenge.

Clamshells: Here's a visual of the exercise. You should feel it in your glutes and outer hip.

Hip Abductors: You have lots of options for this one! I did them on the ground, lying on my side, but you can also do them on a ball, standing (<--In my professional opinion, this demonstration illustrates the range of motion a bit too high), or with a band.

Hope you enjoy that one! Great for travel or a quick workout at home. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ahhhh!! Can't believe how close you and Terry are to being Mom and Dad! :) Super excited for the two of you <3