Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Second Baby Shower + So Many Emotions

Before we get started, I have to send out a HUGE congratulations to two of our best friends, Heidi and Edward, who welcomed their beautiful baby girl Kayla on Thursday, May 1. Kayla is so precious, and Terry and I are so happy for the new family! If you remember, Heidi and I were only five weeks apart throughout our pregnancy, and I cannot wait to meet Kayla in person. Congratulations, guys!


Throughout my pregnancy I feel I've been lucky to feel emotionally quite normal. No major breakdowns, no spontaneous fits of crying, no unexplained mood swings. Terry has said repeatedly that I haven't changed in my emotional stability.

Until now. Suddenly, this weekend, I become a complete wreck. My parents were in town, we had our second baby shower, and we celebrated Mother's Day with our moms a little early, so it was a fun, busy weekend, but I felt inexplicably on the verge of tears almost the entire time!

I know it's to be expected that the hormones get a little crazy, especially toward the end, but it's so strange to feel completely incapable of calming myself down when I start feeling sappy. Thankfully, it was great timing for my parents to be in town, because I got some extra TLC. And of course, my incredible husband had more reassuring words for me than I've ever thought possible! He's stepping into his role as a dad brilliantly, making sure I'm okay and ensuring that the house work doesn't add any stress to my apparently delicate condition.

Anyway, we did have a wonderful Southern California baby shower this weekend, thrown by Terry's mom and a close family friend.

A perfect venue, even if it was a hot day

Terry especially loved all the blocks! We also got to keep this zebra print  (plus several other jungle animal prints) for the baby's room, as well as Sophie the Giraffe.

The favors had personalized M&Ms.

It wasn't a couples shower, but Terry stayed to mingle with everyone and helped me open gifts, which made it so much more fun!

Adorable cake.

The shower was truly lovely, complete with great conversation, delicious food, and a few simple games. I know some people love lots of games, but I was grateful that both of our showers kept things to two or three games. Everyone had a great time, but it wasn't the main event. One game was a memory game, where Terry's mom had displayed an assortment of baby items on a large tray and covered it with a blanket. Then she showed each table the tray for a few seconds, and everyone had to write down as many items as they could remember. Our friend Katie won, and I have a feeling being a mom to a one-year-old was quite beneficial for that!

We also brought along the scrapbook that my sister-in-law had made for our previous shower. She provided enough cards and pages so that the guests at the second shower could write a card for baby, too. I absolutely love the gift, and I already look forward to putting it all together! Thanks, Auntie Ashley!

We had a great time seeing a lot of Terry's family as well as several close friends. My parents also joined, which was so special. I'm so grateful they've been such a big part of this whole journey!

Terry and I are in awe of the generous gifts we have received in preparation for this baby. We are so thankful and humbled, and of course we're excited to welcome our baby with so many fun toys, books, necessities, and clothes! Now that we have one month until the due date, it's all starting to feel very real. Hopefully we can set up the nursery and still have some time to relax before the big day!

When was the last time you cried in public? I may or may not have started the waterworks while eating breakfast at a cafe with my parents this morning...and again while shopping at Target when I spotted a onesie that said something about "Daddy's Little Guy."


  1. Man crying in public... I used to do that all the time, lol!!! But now, I am learning how to deal with it in private, however in your situation - CRY AWAY!!! :)

  2. haha just wait til your little one is born... #cryallthetime lol

  3. What a gorgeous shower! You are very loved. :)

    The last time I cried in public was at my friend Molly's wedding last weekend. I'm such a sap.

  4. Aww...beautiful shower!
    As for the crying...just wait until your kiddo is born .;-)