Monday, May 12, 2014

Pre-Mother Mother's Day Weekend

Another warp speed weekend to launch us into the work week, huh? At least it was a good one!

Saturday morning we enjoyed a short but tough walk in our neighborhood (hills are rough for me now!) and then slowly headed out for Encinitas (just north of San Diego). Unfortunately, traffic stalled our trip quite a lot, and we wound up driving for nearly three hours before finally arriving at Sublime Ale House for lunch.

We both really liked our meals (I had the veggie panini; Terry chose the pulled pork mac and cheese as well as a beer sampler), and we would definitely recommend it!

Next we hit up a few breweries! While Terry's birthday was last month, we only celebrated with one nice dinner out. When we found out that we would have to drive to Encinitas to pick up our crib (a gift from Terry's parents), we used it as a great excuse to allow Terry to check out a few new-to-us breweries in the area: Belching Beaver and Iron Fist.

Obviously, I got to be an observer, but it was a fun trip and a beautiful day to be mostly outside, and we even ran into one of Terry's coworkers, so we caught up with him. By 5:30 pm we were picking up our crib at Buy Buy Baby and heading back home. It was a short visit to the area, but at least we enjoyed our quick trip.

Saturday night was super mellow, including some couch time and setting up the crib!

Sunday morning, Mother's Day, Terry brought me a lovely breakfast in bed. We also walked down to a local bakery for some awesome pastries. I thought it might be weird to acknowledge Mother's Day when I'm not officially a mom, but all day people wished me a happy Mother's Day, which I thought was so sweet.

My only real request for the day was to work on the baby's room, so we tackled a few projects in there. It's alllllmost ready for the little occupant!

I sorted through all the baby clothes and got them ready for washing. (We have lots of friends who have recommended not washing everything right away and just having a few outfits ready, just in case the baby is too big for Newborn sizes, but it really stressed me out trying to determine the "right" number of outfits to prepare, so this project took way longer than it should have.)

Terry swapped out the handles on our dresser (a gift from my parents).

We also hung several wall decorations, placed the furniture where we want it, prepped all our blankets and burp cloths for the wash, and installed the second car seat. It really was a productive day!

Finally, we teamed up to make delicious breakfast burgers. Terry grilled the beef to perfection, and the rest was easy. I made homemade biscuits (instead of buns) and cooked up some bacon, and we topped our burgers with avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg.

My brother argued that these weren't "breakfast burgers" because a) they use beef instead of breakfast sausage, and b) they are eaten at night. I disagree completely, because breakfast is allowed anytime.

And then we called it a night.

A wonderful weekend with my favorite person. We only have a few more just the two of us (three, including Scout), and I'm finally starting to feel a little more prepared, a little less anxious. Then again, I'll be full term this week (Thursday is the 37-week mark), so when I think of that a whole new wave of anxiety comes over me. One day at a time, right?

How was your Mother's Day weekend? Anything fun or exciting? 

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  1. If I were you I would wash everything, it makes it easier as time goes on not to worry about washing new clothes as they grow. My daughter was born relatively small (6lbs 8oz) and she wore NB for a month, we actually had to go out and buy her more clothes because everyone swore she wouldn't wear NB long. Even my nephew who was much bigger wore NB for a while. You can never have enough clothing, they wear everything don't worry!