Sunday, July 6, 2014


A little update on our goings-on around here:

A walk to our new favorite bakery for fancy pastries.

Approximately one million yogurt bowls (usually with some combination of berries, sliced almonds, honey, and peanut butter)

Uncle Chris and Aunt Ashley (or Auntie Shlee or T-Shlee...we haven't decided yet) finally got to meet Marshall! It was so cute to see them with him, especially when Chris got to see Marshall's new Chico State jersey onesie (my dad picked one up a few weeks ago to surprise Uncle Chris).

We had an awesome time with those two. They stayed with us two nights, and they were so helpful around the house--running errands, helping with chores, cooking food. Chris made an awesome chicken dinner on the grill.

We went for a walk, tried a few new restaurants, and loved catching up. I'm already sad they're gone and back home several hours away, but hopefully we'll visit them soon.

I tried my first acai bowl and loved it.

On Fourth of July we stayed close to home and went to lunch with Terry's family to celebrate a birthday. Marshall was all tuckered out.

Yesterday my friend Amanda was in town from Vegas and got to meet Marshall. And she brought some sweet gifts! I had never heard of Harold and the Purple Crayon, but it's such a fun story.

Another friend from college sent along a few gifts from England! Terry and I were so excited and shocked by her generosity. Thanks so much, Vic!

We also got our hands on some of Terry's baby pictures...look who looks like his daddy!

We even enjoyed an outing this week to meet Dad for lunch. Two stud muffins enjoying a beautiful day.

And now we've just passed the six-week mark! Marshall has brought so much joy to our lives, and we're finding the whole experience to be a blast, even among sleepless nights and exhausting evenings of rocking the little guy to sleep. I'll be back soon (maybe I'll mean it this time) with a more thorough update, but I was itching to get something published for once, so I made this post a quick one. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Ours was way too quick, but it was wonderful to spend it together.

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  1. I am all for yogurt bowls as well at the moment! We're staying at Jesse's moms house whilst we're in the US and she has little to no cooking things in her kitchen so yogurt bowls are easy peasy