Friday, July 25, 2014

Marshall: Two Months

Happy two-month birthday, Marshall!

You are growing and growing and growing!

(Photos taken at one month, six weeks, and two months)

At two months, your measurements are:
Weight: 13 pounds 14.8 ounces
Height: 24.75 inches
Head circumference: 15.75 inches 

You're in the 95th percentile for height and weight, which doesn't surprise us (50th percentile for head circumference). The doctor said you're the size of a four month old. No wonder you feel so big and eat so much!

Speaking of which, you eat a LOT still, but you and I are becoming much more efficient at nursing. You usually eat for five minutes on each side, unless you're extra sleepy, so I'm grateful we aren't on the couch all day (it used to take you 20 minutes per side!). Allegedly babies are supposed to go two or three hours between feedings, but you usually prefer an hour or two. You also started taking a bottle this month! Since I'm making a lot more milk than you need, we have a lot stored up. Daddy has given you a few bottles here and there, and now we have plenty extra just in case.

Unfortunately, you're still spitting up a lot. We have about 45 burp cloths, and we go through them all in about three days. Sometimes you go through seven or eight outfits in a day because you spit up so much. But since you're a growing, happy boy, we just go with the flow (pun intended?) and try to protect the carpets.

You are still a very serious baby, but it makes each smile all the more fun.

We can usually get a big smile or two out of you in the morning, and then you are done with that nonsense. Time to focus on big tasks, like tummy time, batting at your toys (slowly developing this new skill), and watching everything, taking it all in. You're very good at following your daddy and me with your eyes and even move your head to watch us! People who meet you also love to comment on your funny facial expressions. And you really are funny to watch!

You haven't discovered Scout yet! He is still nervous around you and prefers it when you're sleeping (ideally in another room). Sometimes he runs up to you and sniffs your head and then pounces away. We're still hoping you'll become friends when you're older. Perhaps when you're able to feed him and truly earn his love.

You love lights and shadows. At night I turn on a small light to feed you and change your diaper without waking us up too much, and you love watching the shadows on the ceiling. You also love to find lights wherever we go and just stare.

This month was filled with new adventures for you! We visited new parks, drove 1.5 hours (your longest trip yet) to a birthday party, and spent a lot of time with all four grandparents. You love them!

So far, you seem to like the Ergo carrier. If you want to cuddle and I want to move, this guy works great for us. You seem so cozy in there, even though it's been a super hot summer and you get all sweaty.

You also got to meet your aunt and uncle!

I'm home with you all day, and I love love love getting to spend so much time with you. We don't have any sort of a schedule yet, but usually you like to sleep, then eat, then play. Your naps are anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours during the day, and you can tolerate about 30-45 minutes of play time. Sometimes you eat twice before going back to sleep (no surprise there). You seem like you're getting closer to starting to roll over, lifting up your legs and wiggling side to side.

At night, you go to sleep around 7:30. Then the nights are still pretty inconsistent, but usually you wake up twice to eat (maybe around 1 and 5), and you're great about going back to sleep on your own! You seem to like your swaddle and sleep well in it unless you feel gassy. Then you're up for the day around 7:30.

The best days are the days when Daddy is home to hang out with us. We love to take you for walks, visit new places, and play with you. You love dancing with your dad to oldies music. We love to read to you, but you will only let us read for a few minutes before you are ready to do something else.

Two months flew by in a flash. We can't wait to see what month #3 has in store for you!

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