Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Week's Adventures

My days are now a dizzying jumble of smiles (usually mine), taking photos of Marshall's thirtieth time making the same face, thinking of something new to do that's mom- and baby-friendly, and lots of spit up.

Every day is different, in terms of Marshall's routine, and in terms of what we do. I go a little crazy on days we don't leave the house, but it's also a battle (with myself) to get out the door each day. It's best when we have a scheduled plan or appointment, like meeting a friend for lunch. That's what we did today!

Heidi's enjoying her last full week off with Kayla, so she and her sister offered to drive down to visit us! We all went to Terranea and had a great time enjoying lunch, swapping babies, and chatting about motherhood.

Kayla is adorable and super smiley! Marshall needs to learn from this girl.

Heidi got to hold our little chunk.

Sometimes we find an errand or two we need to do, like running to Target to buy me some new sunglasses.

(My last Target sunglasses lasted several years, so I'm hoping these will get me to sending Marshall off to college. $17 well spent.)

I also stopped at Babies R Us to grab a baby memory book. I figure I should document Marshall's milestones in a book as well as the blog, and it's fun to have a little guidance.

We enjoyed lots of tummy time, reading, and a very fun game we call Looking at Objects We Have Looked at Hundreds of Times.

 On Wednesday, we stopped by UCLA! It was the day after the massive flooding, but the campus was still beautiful. Clean up crews are doing a fantastic job.

Marshall and I enjoyed a picnic in the sculpture garden.

If we lived any closer I might go to campus every day. Hell, maybe I should go every day even though we live 45 minutes away now.

Tummy time at UCLA!

On the way home from campus, Marshall and I had to swing by a bakery to grab bread for dinner. The entire time I was waiting for my bread, Marshall stared at the toy bug hanging on his car seat. The two of them must have enjoyed quite the conversation. (These photos were taken over the course of about a minute.)
I wonder what the bug said to make him smile. I need to learn.

We have a lot of fun together. It's certainly a slower pace than I'm used to, and the best days are the ones where we see friends or family, but just-the-two-of-us days are precious to me, too. We're getting to know each other so well!

But the best is still when Daddy comes home.
My favorite people.

I also did my first yoga session this week! I did my favorite video (only about the first 20 minutes) and am still a little sore. I did it in place of my push ups for the day. My other exercise this week has included:
  • a 3-mile walk along The Strand in Redondo Beach
  • walking all around UCLA (approximately 2-2.5 miles)
  • a hike on Sunday (maybe 2 miles)
It feels good to be getting back into it, but I've got a long way to go...

This week I even found myself in the kitchen a little bit!

A salad with greens, nectarines, blueberries, feta, and a vinaigrette.

Two batches of muffins to get us through the week--lemon blueberry and almond + dried cranberry

A fun finger food night of grilled eggplant and zucchini, toasted bread, burrata, and bruschetta.

So tasty!

And now it's Friday and August and we have so much to look forward to. A weekend of home improvement (well, purchasing a portable air conditioner, thanks to my parents, who spent several days sweltering in our apartment and deemed it necessary, and researching portable washers and dryers, a suggestion from my father-in-law, because we are convinced that our quality of life will improve tenfold if and when we can do laundry without leaving our unit), enjoying some family outings, and hopefully more smiles from our ten-week-old!

In the month of August we have a few big plans. Next weekend is Jenn and Justin's wedding! I'm a bridesmaid, it'll be Marshall's first night in a hotel, my parents will be the official babysitters of the's going to be insane. And awesome. Two weeks later, we'll take our first family road trip to Northern California! Woo hoo! And this month I'll also turn 29. Yikes.

What are you looking forward to in the month of August?


  1. I'm looking forward to soaking in every single minute of August! The summer is going by way too fast.

  2. Ahh cute baby!! Have fun on the home improvement this weekend!

  3. When ours were that young, their mother took them to Mother Goose programs where there were stories and singing songs. They both loved it and it begins their socialization with other kids. I keep thinking of tons of physical activities but then I have to correct myself that your little one's neck strength might not be up for say, a ride in a backpack carrier while hiking. Still, I know there's Baby Zumba and Baby Yoga (they do tummy time while you're in say, a Downward Dog)

    I'm hoping August is more of a real summer than July has been around these parts.