Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three Year Wedding Anniversary

Three years of marriage to my favorite person. Time for a major public display of writing.

As I said in our vows, you make every day good. And you still do.

We make a damn good team, from traveling together (without you, I would end up crying on the Metro trying to figure out which stop is which) to cooking in a tiny kitchen to surviving labor and raising a newborn.

I am so proud to stand by your side, and I cannot believe how lucky I am to be your wife.

I love laughing with you, I cherish that I can cry with you, and I know I can always count on you.

Every day gets better (unless you're traveling for work, in which case I just anxiously await your return).

Nothing makes me feel as good as being near you.

I love creating friendships with you and am so grateful for the friends and family who have strengthened our marriage.

Even in challenging times, like when you broke my Steam Whistle pint glass, I know we'll come out stronger (the glass, on the other hand, did not).

Plus, you're a great kisser. And damn good looking.

And watching you become a father has made me melt with joy, pride, and how-could-life-get-any-better? type feelings.

Happy anniversary to you, my very best friend.

In our third year of marriage...

We built a puzzle (well, most of a puzzle). We attended a show at the Hollywood Bowl. We (I) celebrated baby Prince George. I turned 28. We hiked a lot. I said goodbye to my childhood home. Terry had to travel a lot for work, and I visited him in Buffalo and then we traveled to Toronto together.

In September, I got super sick and wound up in the hospital. We traveled to Switzerland, Austria, Germany for Oktoberfest, and the Czech Republic (hmm...never did get around to that Prague post). Chris and Ashley visited for a Disney trip and a UCLA Football watching party. My parents visited and we carved pumpkins.

In November, I visited Terry in St. Augustine, Florida while he was there for work. I took a part time job at Sur La Table. We ran in a 5K with my brother and Ashley and celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. We spent Christmas with Terry's family. The biggest event, of course--I was pregnant (starting in September, but announced in December)!

In the new year, we traveled up north to see my family to celebrate Christmas. Also, we traveled to DC for our babymoon and to visit our friends Fay and David. We traveled again to Lake Arrowhead for a wedding. We enjoyed wonderful, simple weekends that I wouldn't remember without this blog.

With the impending arrival of our little one, we stressed ourselves out as much as possible. My parents visited again. We started a more conscious budget. We said goodbye to our beloved, tiny apartment in West LA and moved to the South Bay to make room for baby.

My family threw me a wonderful baby shower, and Terry's family did the same. We prepped for the baby and loved having another couple pregnant at the same time we were. Terry turned 28!

In May, we finished the nursery, and we packed our hospital bag. Good thing, too, because a certain someone joined us two weeks early! Since then, we've just been working on survival with a newborn.

These adventures are so fun to document and look back upon! I'm so glad to have this journal of sorts to remind me of the amazing times Terry and I have shared.

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