Monday, August 25, 2014

Jenn and Justin's Wedding Weekend

Geez, finally I make time to writing about Jenn and Justin's awesome wedding weekend. Talk about a delay. 

Well, more than two weeks ago we headed up the coast a bit to Ojai, California. I had never been to the small town, so I was excited to check out a new place, and of course I couldn't wait to celebrate this perfect couple! We arrived on Friday, checked into the Hummingbird Inn, changed, and headed to the rehearsal, where Terry dropped me off.

(I loved Jenn's rehearsal dress!)

The ceremony site was so serene and beautiful. I loved being surrounded by nature. I'm a big fan of wedding venues that require virtually no decor because they're so naturally stunning, and Bodee's fit the bill. Jenn ran through the ceremony with all of us before we headed to the rehearsal dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

My dates

And after dinner the party continued at the bridal party hotel. Jenn and Justin both have a lot of family from the East Coast and throughout the country, so the Friday night cocktail party was a great way for everyone to meet and catch up.

Saturday morning my parents met us at our hotel (they came into town to babysit Marshall for Friday and Saturday nights so Terry and I could enjoy the wedding) and the five of us walked through the town to breakfast at Ojai Cafe Emporium. It was phenomenal! Everything looked SO good, so I would definitely want to go back.

I think this was my dad's first photobomb.

Then we wandered around Ojai and found this awesome bookstore, Bart's Books, which is an outdoor bookstore! You can see in this photo that there are books all around the outside, and they stay there overnight too!

Then the "inside" (through a gate) is still outdoors. The books are all used, and my parents treated Marshall to a bunch of kids' books. His library is really growing!

Then it was time for me to start getting ready to head over to the wedding. I was a bridesmaid for the wedding, and I knew I wanted to be able to be 100% present for Jenn. It was nice to leave Marshall with Terry, who then left him with my parents, so I wouldn't have to worry at all. It was my longest time away from him (nine hours), so I missed him, but I knew he was in good hands.

We got ready in Jenn's room, finishing our hair and makeup and chatting a bit before traveling together over to the venue. Jenn seemed so calm and looked to be enjoying herself throughout the whole process! (By the way, Jenn's gorgeous hair and makeup were done by her cousin.)

Jenn's dress was STUNNING!

We each got to choose our own dress; Jenn asked for them to be coral and above the knee but otherwise let us go to town.

They looked awesome together!

Jenn with her maid of honor, Sarika. Gorgeous!

Thanks to my awesome husband for taking some pictures while I fulfilled my bridesmaid duties.

The groom, Justin (left), and his best man

Jenn and her dad

Nice shot of the back of Jenn's dress, which was my favorite part.

Me and my walk-back-down-the-aisle-partner Trevor

Cocktail hour

More cocktail hour

The wedding itself was awesome and so very Jenn-and-Justin. Jenn walked down the aisle to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars (<--fun flash mob proposal video). The vows were touching and sweet and lovely. The venue felt intimate and rustic. The food was terrific, too! And Jenn and Justin performed an incredible first dance (<--check it out!) that they choreographed themselves.

I'm so happy for Jenn and Justin, two people I truly respect and love. They are such a fun, loving, kind couple, and they complement each other perfectly. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together! Congratulations, Jenn and Justin!
(My dress looks weird here, but oh well. Jenn looks amazing!)


  1. william has that blue romper too! hehe

  2. Omg I love weddings! What a beautiful one! I'm glad you had fun.