Sunday, August 17, 2014

Out of Order

These photos shall appear in whatever order they downloaded from my phone. Enjoy, and forgive the random order.

Terry and I enjoyed these super easy open-faced sandwiches on Wednesday, perhaps. I grilled the eggplant and zucchini (tossed in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper), then toasted some bread and topped the toast with cream cheese and the veggies. So easy, but a nice way to get in some extra vegetables. I think I would have preferred burrata to the cream cheese, but it was still satisfying. 

Upon witnessing the little cat and the baby getting closer to each other than ever before, I created this little collage on PhotoGrid (my favorite collage-making app). My husband praised my humor, which, unfortunately for you and Facebook, only encourages me to make more.

Saturday night, Terry and I played Trivial Pursuit. I would say that the baby has totally changed us, but this is what we used to do on Saturday nights. The only thing different is that we have to be a little quieter when we get an answer right or wrong so we don't wake the little one.

 At some point (maybe Wednesday?) I made pancakes. I topped them with macadamia nuts and bananas. They were perfect.

Another day, I craved a hot dog, so we swung by Whole Foods and picked up some Applegate Farm hot dogs, plus premade potato salad and nectarine salad from the salad bar.

This weekend, Terry and Marshall (and Scout, if you look closely) defined relaxation.

On Friday night, Terry took me out for a birthday dinner! We brought Marshall along to the Hook & Plow and LOVED it. While a bit pricey, every item tasted incredibly fresh. The restaurant focuses on "farm to table" and "ocean to plate" foods, which I certainly appreciate. We loved the panko-crusted avocado for an appetizer, and I loved my crab cake appetizer (a special). Terry liked his halibut, but it was a bit dry. And Marshall did great!

Speaking of which, we're working on getting this little guy to nap in his crib a bit more.

But it can be terrifying. :-)

On Saturday, I redeemed a massage gift certificate (a gift from my parents from Christmas...oops), and it was wonderfully luxurious. I find myself hunching forward a lot when I nurse Marshall, and of course heaving a 15-pound baby up and down countless times each day doesn't feel incredible on my back and shoulders, so the massage really loosened me up. At least for the afternoon. 

Today was an awesome day. After a restful morning and laundry, we checked out a new farmers' market. Then we found a new park, thanks to the MOMS Club meeting I had the other day, which was fun! I barely got to chat with the other moms and meet their kids, but I'm looking forward to future events. Anyway, about this new park...

It's incredible! Oh, and it might overlook the ocean.

 We took a walk around the park (maybe 20 minutes, including a nice hill), then did a mini workout (guys, don't judge; I call this a workout because I'm still getting back in shape, and it was just enough after the walk):

  • 10 squats
  • 10 squat jumps
  • 10 back lunges (each leg)
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 walking lunges (each leg)

Then we spread out a picnic, and I took a photo from Marshall's perspective.

On our way home, we stopped at Road Runner for shoes. It was my birthday gift from Terry! I've been in need of some nice cross training shoes (for, um, a few years), and I chose the Reebok Nano 2.0. I don't love the look (why are all workout shoes neon? And why do these ones say "CFit" on the sides?), but they feel fantastic and will get the job done. I'll share more once I've used them for a bit.

Tonight Terry grilled up some beer can chicken, corn, and zucchini for dinner. He made the entire meal on his own while I hung out with a slightly fussy Marshall. But dinner turned out to be delicious!

Another weekend over too quickly. Terry heads back to work tomorrow, and Marshall and I are looking forward to a week of new adventures!

What's something new you've done lately? I find us discovering something new almost every week in our new neighborhood. Especially with a newborn (I only get to say that for one more week!), I need new sights and experiences to keep me from getting a bit crazy.


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