Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Favorite Mom Blogs

It's funny to realize that a majority of the blogs I've come to love (most of which focus on health or general lifestyle) are also written by moms. I thought I'd share some of my favorites, and hopefully I'll get some new recommendations, too, because these blogs keep me company during those late night feedings, and I can't get enough. (Listed in no particular order.)

N Her Shoes
I met Bobbi a few years ago when I attended a blogging retreat, and she is awesome. I love her positive attitude, inspiring workouts, strong faith, and fun adventures. She's one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram! Bobbi and her husband struggled with infertility for a few years and decided to adopt an adorable baby girl, Riley Joy. I love reading about Bobbi's transition into parenthood and admire how she balances being a mom with maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

A Cup of Jo
My friend Fay recommended this blog to me, and I LOVE it. Joanna is so chic and stylish; plus she lives in New York, so of course she's super cool. Her posts are generally short and thought-provoking, nonjudgmental and written as though she is your best friend, asking your opinion on something that interests her. Joanna has two little boys, but she also has a series called Motherhood Mondays, where she discusses various parenting topics. I especially love the series-within-a-series she did on Motherhood Around the World, where ex-pat mothers share differences in parenting as compared to the U.S. I love virtually everything about A Cup of Jo. Check it out.

The Fitnessista
I've been following Gina since she was about nine months pregnant with her daughter, and now I look forward to her daily posts. Gina is a fitness instructor and military wife with a two-year-old. I find her to be honest, funny, and open. She shares details about her life and provides a sweet look at being a mom to a little girl. I also love her fitness tips and workout ideas!

Daily Garnish
I don't even remember how I came upon Emily's blog, but I love it. She is a trained chef and posts excellent recipes, but she also now stays at home with her two little boys. She's an awesome runner, and I am amazed to see how she keeps up her running despite her husband's frequent travel schedule.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
You've heard me mention Courtney before, but she's so sweet and writes about her cute little one-year-old Lucas. She keeps it real and shares honestly about the joys and difficulties of motherhood.

Hungry Runner Girl
This one's new to me in the last few weeks, but Janae seems super down to earth and incredibly inspiring. She's a single mom to a two-year-old and talks honestly about healing from her divorce and continuing her passion for running.

Delights and Delectables
Brittany's blog is new to me, too, but she seems so positive and fun. Brittany and her husband adopted an adorable baby boy, and their story is incredible!

Itz Linz
Lindsay has a baby boy a few weeks older than Marshall, and he is adorable! Lindsay shares a ton of details about pregnancy and parenting, and I feel like she takes a really honest approach. I know when I was pregnant I wanted to know exactly what to expect and what other people had gone through, so this kind of blog is right up my alley.

Any other suggestions for great mom blogs out there? Other blogs? Recommendations appreciated!


  1. Great list! I like: and and (Dad Blog) and
    I also blog and consider myself a mom blogger :)

  2. Thank you so much girl!! I'm so honored on be among this great group of women!

  3. I Love You More Than Carrots, Running Bun, Rhodey Girl Tests, and This Runners Trials!