Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Terry had five full days off from work, and I feel like we really took advantage of the opportunity to relax and enjoy some family time. After Thanksgiving on Thursday, we headed out somewhat early Friday morning to catch the UCLA-Stanford game at the Rose Bowl. It was my only game of the season, and I really picked a lousy one to attend--the Bruins just did not have their act together. Oh, well. It was nice to get to see the band--my favorite!

Also, we watched Love Actually, so the day wasn't a total loss.

Saturday we woke up and realized we had absolutely no breakfast food in the house, with the exception of two eggs. Naturally, we solved the problem by heating up some stuffing and topping it with an egg.

We also had my friend Amanda and her sister Stacy over to hang out, and we all went to lunch at a local restaurant (our nod to Small Business Saturday). We had so much fun catching up (Amanda now lives in Vegas; you might remember my visit to see her earlier this year), letting Marshall hang out with some different people, and getting totally excited about Pitch Perfect 2.

Terry, Marshall, and I took it easy on Saturday evening. We hauled out some of our Christmas decorations (thanks again, PopPop!) and started putting up a few odds and ends.

Like our Charlie Brown tree!

Our Christmas stockings also arrived in the mail!

We ordered them through Everyday Graces on Etsy, and I think the quality is excellent. They look exactly as I expected, and I really think they'll last a long, long time. We each have stockings from our childhoods, but our parents have them, so we wanted to get a family set as our family grows. I'm excited that Marshall will have this stocking starting with his first Christmas! (Also, when we ordered them, I almost put our first names, but Terry pointed out that from now on, we're "Mom" and "Dad"--that's still really weird to me!)

We'll be heading out to get our tree later this week, so I'll share photos of our decorations when we're all set up. I'm looking forward to unwrapping all our travel ornaments again!

Today turned into a super mellow day. For what feels like the first time all year, we had a cool, grey morning, and we even got a fantastic downpour in the afternoon. Marshall and Scout thought it was pretty cool!

During one of Marshall's naps today, Terry and I busted out our dusty yoga mats for some much-needed stretching and strengthening with my favorite video. I tried yoga a few times after Marshall was born, and I couldn't even finish half the video. Today, I finished the entire thing and felt really good the whole time. It's been a very slow process, but I really think that taking my time getting back in shape and being patient with myself along the way has helped me stay positive about the whole thing. I may not be able to run very far or very fast, but I can feel my body getting stronger, and that's worth a lot! Plus, it was fun to do yoga with Terry. :-)

The rest of the day was just play time with Marshall, tidying up around the house, and more decorating for Christmas. I love the fact that Terry is home for the holiday season this year; usually he's away for work during most of November and December, so it's such a treat to have him around!

Aaaaaannnd now it's time to face reality and dive into another week. Any fun plans? Anything you're dreading? (We can talk about that, too.) 

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year? I'm excited to take Marshall to see Santa and to get our tree this week!


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