Thursday, October 1, 2015

Things Making Me Happy This Week

I took two full rest days yesterday and today. Very little walking, no yoga, just some stretching/foam rolling and lots of relaxing. I needed it!

One of my friends suggested a "picture of the day" text game where we all text each other a favorite/funny/sweet/frustrating picture from the day. We've been going strong for a while now and have so many fun exchanges based on these photos. I love seeing little glimpses into their lives, too!

Foam rolling! I've been all about it these last few days in particular, because my hips are insanely tight and sore. Marshall jumped in on the action yesterday.

This kid loves to eat. And I love that. But sometimes we have to tell him dinner is over, and he gets really angry. Yesterday it was because we wouldn't give him raisins. Life is hard.

I threw together some meager fall decorations. Scout is a huge fan.

This article about Ina Garten makes me love her even more, especially the fact that she does all her own social media!

These pieces of wedding advice from A Cup of Jo. Some wise words! Mine would be: Do it the way you want. Trying to please everyone else is a great way to go insane. Oh, and be sure to plan for a midnight snack in the hotel room!

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