Monday, April 29, 2013

Back, Biceps & Legs Strength Workout

My incredibly fit husband mentioned recently that he's ready to incorporate some additional strength training into his workout routine, and of course I was thrilled to write up some new workouts for him. 

Honestly, I would absolutely complete this same workout if I wasn't in the middle of boot camp. But since a lot of the workouts I create are more focused on stabilization and strength endurance, I thought this one would be a welcome change, especially for anyone seeking some bulk.

In my NASM training, I learned about the three aspects of resistance training: stabilization, strength, and power. Within the strength phase, an emphasis on muscle size is called hypertrophy. I created a hypertrophy workout that left Terry feeling fatigued.

Some form cues:

I hope it's a tough one for you! Get ready for some bulging biceps!


  1. I love training back, bis and legs!

  2. Looks like a great workout! I like my biceps to look all intimidating ;-)
    The videos you linked are super helpful, too!