About the Author
I'm Julie, a 26-year-old high school teacher living in Los Angeles with my husband and cat. I strive to eat creative, delicious, healthy meals; try fun, effective workouts; and travel as much as possible.

About My Food Philosophy
No counting calories, limit processed foods, eat homemade as often as possible.

About My Fitness Philosophy
No excuses! Find a way to make it happen.

My husband, Terry, is the most wonderful, supportive taste-tester and workout partner I could ask for. My parents live in the Bay Area, as do my brother and his fiancee. Terry's family lives in Southern California, fairly close to us.
My handsome husband and me at our July 2011 wedding

Ashley (brother's fiancee), Mom, me, Terry, Dad, Chris (brother)

Scout, our brown tabby cat, makes coming home an absolute joy. He's our first pet and ridiculously adorable. He loves to be active, too, so we like to play hide and seek and fetch.
Scout, upside down.

So many of my friends keep me motivated by living healthy lives and by sharing in my love for cooking and staying active.