Monday, June 12, 2017

Declan: Eight Months

Declan: You are eight months old! I absolutely LOVE this age with you. You are so interested in the world around you (especially people! all the people!), and you're on the verge of so many new skills. It doesn't hurt that you are the happiest baby I've ever met.

Seriously, that smile never seems to leave your face. I'm thrilled to have such a cheerful little tyke in our family! You make us all smile, too.

This month has been filled with lots of almosts. Almost sitting up by yourself.

Almost crawling.

Almost saying "mama" and "dada" (but not consistently enough for us to call it the real deal).

Almost showing interest in books (but mostly focusing on their flavors).

Almost sleeping through the night.

HA--just kidding. :-) You are definitely nowhere near sleeping through the night, but, as I've said before, I don't mind. I miss you so much during the day; I really think I'll miss that time with you when you do sleep all the way through. Still, it's time. In a few weeks we'll move you to your big brother's room for sleep, and my heart will break just like it did when we moved Marshall away from us. But I know you'll sleep better, and we probably will, too. 

You are now down to two naps per day, though, for the most part (some very early wakeups and short naps will occasionally lead to a necessary catnap at the end of the day). Bedtime is now around 6-6:30, though we're starting to try to push it a little later to be able to enjoy more time as a family. 

You seem to have really discovered TOYS this month! You're quick to scoot toward anything that looks fun. You especially love toys that have some sort of a movable feature, like a truck that tips or an activity cube with doors that open and close. Your teacher at daycare told us you get so determined trying to scoot toward a toy you want!

You also seem really into music! You love when we sing to you, play music, or hand you a musical toy. I am eager to see if you'll want to play an instrument someday!

A big first this month: swim lessons! You seemed to take to the water really well, and Daddy dipped you under a few times already. Hopefully you'll be a little fish in no time.

You attend daycare full time and are doing so well. You seem happy and comfortable there, and we are becoming more comfortable with it, too. Luckily, we LOVE your teacher, and the other teachers all seem to know and love you, too. You are certainly well loved. Of course, I'm still struggling on the whole with leaving you there and missing you so much, but I know you are safe and happy. Also, my work has been incredibly supportive, and I even get to bring you to work sometimes! I have a truly wonderful work situation for parenting, and I promise never to take that for granted.

Ever-important and hugely improved: FOOD! You are still not eating chunky foods, but you LOVE purees. We've done quite a lot of varieties:

- mashed banana
- mashed avocado
- applesauce (with cinnamon!)
- broccoli soup
- homemade hummus
- apple-cinnamon oatmeal (blended to smooth)
- strawberry oatmeal (blended to smooth)
- a peach (skin peeled, and you went to town!)
- water in your water cup, which you LOVE

Now that you're really enjoying different foods and flavors, it's so fun! As soon as you see your spoon, you get all excited and start talking up a storm!

I have no idea how big you are, but you're in size 4 diapers and 12-month clothes. I think you're starting to slow down on growth a bit... Also, no teeth yet, but one may have just popped through (about a week after you turned eight months old). 

You love: scooting toward toys, knocking down stacks of blocks, looking out the window in the car, watching your brother (Marshall often tries to cheer you up if you're upset by dancing and making silly noises!), eating, being held, being outside, and interacting with other people. 

Dislikes: Almost nothing! Except when Marshall takes a toy from you (although he has learned to bring you another one in its place), or when you're overtired.

Declan, we love you so much and cannot imagine our family without your sweet smile and hilarious giggle. You light up every room, and we are ready for whatever next month holds in store!