Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Perfect Weekend

It's Sunday night, and this weekend was one (not unlike most) that I want to remember forever. We didn't plan it--in fact, we couldn't have planned a weekend like it if we tried--but I couldn't stop smiling from Saturday morning through to right this moment.

And so, I felt it was worth dusting off the old blog to say hello and add to this little time capsule. I'll also say how much I miss writing and that I'm still in that habit of imagining what I would write about if I had time to write daily, or even weekly, but it's simply not in the cards right now. Still, once every long while is better than nothing!

Okay, so Thursday night doesn't count as the weekend, but it's close enough and this little after-dinner rain shower was a fun surprise! (It looks like it's sunny, which it was, but it was pouring, too!)

Thanks to the sun, we got a beautiful double rainbow!

("Mommy, I'm showing Pepperjack!")

Declan is currently almost 2.5 years old and radiates pure joy most of the time. The rest of the time, he's fairly miserable, but we're chalking those times up to teething, being two, and just the general reality that we all get grumpy sometimes. He's in a stage where he very seriously imitates those around him and speaks nonsense ("Mommy, we're going to piume the cannons!") with such conviction that you find yourself nodding along, utterly absorbed in his world. He still LOVES his blanket, and now he has a strong fondness for his stuffed owl, Pepperjack. 

Okay, so this weekend, on Saturday we were all up by 6 am. I had actually hoped to wake up early to really enjoy the day, so when Declan called for us earlier than usual, I forced myself to resist bringing him back into our bed (much as I love love love the way he wiggles closer to me and only stops when his head is resting against mine--please let this be something he does forever and always), and we snuggled on the couch instead. Marshall was up within a few minutes, and Terry joined, too, for a long reading session. The two of them would easily rank reading as a top three activity, and for this I am eternally grateful.

We headed out a bit later for a walk and took our time, stopping at the park to play a while. At home, the boys played with chalk in the front yard and then roped Terry into a game of "push down," which is exactly what it sounds like.

We headed out for errands and a treat at Paris Baguette, then came home to play more while I made lunch. After some homemade pizza, Declan snoozed while we hung out with Marshall and took care of some chores.

Why does he look like a middle schooler here? 

Marshall is four and a half (almost FIVE!) and makes us so proud every day. His mind seems to be expanding infinitely, and I can't keep up! He soaks up every word he hears, and I'm amazed at how much energy he has in everything he does. He's even able to sound out words and can write a few, too! He still loves Legos--for about six months he was building intricate sets almost daily--but now his imagination and curiosity are his favorite building blocks. Right now he's into outer space and dinosaurs! He's also loving Harry Potter-related talk, and Terry plays the audiobooks for the kids in the car when they ask for it.

In the evening we met up with my parents, because they had an event near us and booked a hotel. We headed over and took advantage of their pool--first time swimming in awhile for both boys!--before going back home for dinner and bath.

And we used a Christmas gift rocket bath bomb from Aunt Ashley!

This morning, we were up early again and spent a quiet morning at home before going back to PopPop and JanJan's hotel room.

Fun watching roller coasters from the window!

 After lots more swimming and a special lunch treat by the pool, we came home for Dec's nap. Marshall chose to do some typing! He asked me to write out words and he typed them.

It was such a beautiful day today, I couldn't handle staying inside too long, so I brought my food prep out to the garage while Marshall and Terry washed the car!

When Declan woke up, the family indulged my request for a long walk. The boys got to rest after a very fun weekend, and Terry and I got to talk!

And we wrapped up the weekend with a new recipe, more food prep for the week, and our first outdoor meal of the year!

Simple, yes, but this weekend made me so happy. Spending time with the boys and Terry, squeezing in a little grandparent time, being outside as much as doesn't get better. Bring on Spring!