Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Favorites

I came across this idea on two different blogs: Heather's and Nichole's. I thought it looked like a great way to spread some Christmas cheer.

My favorite...

Tradition: When I was little, it was checking out Santa's evidence all over the house. He always left a long letter in block writing and one year even got fireplace ashes all over the house. Santa also created scavenger hunts that sent my brother and I from room to room (and out in the freezing cold) to find our final gift each year. (My parents are awesome.) Now that Terry and I are married, we'll create our own traditions, but not this year! We're traveling to Paris and London over Christmas and New Year's, and you can believe that European Christmas will not be a normal tradition. 
MovieLove Actually
Hymn: "Carol Of the Bells" or "O Holy Night"
Reindeer: Cupid? I have never considered ranking my favorite reindeer.
Multi-color lights or clear: Multi-color! White lights are gorgeous to drive by, but for my house it'll always be multi-colored.
Smell: Christmas trees.
Seasonal Treat: My mom's breakfast casserole.
Christmas Picture: Our first "family" Christmas photo by our Christmas tree last year. (I would love to post it, but I'm having technical issues over here.)
Sight: My parents' Christmas tree and decorations
Best gift: It's a toss up. I think the best gift I ever gave was the first year Terry and I spent Christmas together. I created a scavenger hunt for him to welcome him to the family, and at the end of the hunt he found a trip to Denver for beer-tasting. :-) And last year, my brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas, so now I get to have a sister!
Worst gift: We hosted a White Elephant gift exchange, and I got Jenn's gift: a Snuggie. (Actually, it's quite cozy, but still. It's a Snuggie. How can I take myself seriously knowing I have a Snuggie in my closet?)
Special Memory: Goodness! I have to pick one? To make it easy, I'll say that I know our first Christmas as a married couple (in Paris!) will be one we'll always cherish. 
Dislikes: Now that we're married, it's tough balancing two families, especially since our parents live 400 miles away from each other. On the other hand, we're blessed to have two celebrations each year.
What are your favorite Christmas moments and memories?


  1. This was a great blog! My best family Christmas memories are seeing you and Chris wake up beaming to take on the sights of Christmas. The "hunts" were the most fun to watch, especially when you found them. Oh and breakfast casserole!!!! The best, even if you got a piece without sausage or bacon. By the way, Donner....he was the best, even though Rudolph got most of the attention. I also always enjoy watching all the traditional Christmas shows....and then, after finding the strength for a workout, I can say, "Life is better with a burger."

  2. Tradition: Christmas Eve with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and parents and brother. It’s always a blast!

    Movie: A Muppet Christmas Carol

    Hymn: “Carol of the Bells”

    Reindeer: Blitzen! That’s an awesome name for any animal, not just reindeer.

    Multi-color lights or clear: Multi-color on the tree, but white’s ok outside.

    Smell: Pine and Cinnamon

    Seasonal Treat: Eggnog with a bit of rum

    Christmas Picture: The Christmas card my family did in 2006, when UCLA last beat U$C in football.

    Sight: Any and all Christmas decorations, but especially the Disneyland decorations.

    Best gift: I think this year’s gift of a trip to Europe will be the best!

    Worst gift: I once got a bubble bath set in White Elephant gift exchange.

    Special Memory: Spending the past two Christmases with my wife and both families!

    Dislikes: Having to split the holidays.