Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starts and Stops

Today seems full of starts and stops. I set my alarm in hopes of working out before church but ended up sleeping later and playing with the kitten before finally forcing myself to get up. After church, I tried to go to the farmers' market to restock our bread supply (my favorite bakery, Great Harvest, has a stand at our local farmers' market). But after parking and walking halfway to the market, I realized I had no cash. And finally, this afternoon, I tried to make good on my goal to do some yoga and running but completely failed.

Actually, the workout part was pretty hilarious. Since I felt sore and not really in the mood to workout, I scrolled through the yoga selections in the Exercise TV section of OnDemand and chose what I thought would be a soothing, stretch-focused, slow workout. It had the words "twist" and "detox" in the title; how intense could it be? Well, as it turned out, very intense. Okay, it wasn't horrible, but it was not what I signed up for. Look what they wanted me to do!

How is this a "detox"? 
Yeah, that's definitely happening.
Scout thought it was pretty ridiculous, too. So he
joined me in my stretching (sorry about my ugly feet).
After 17 minutes, I quit and watched the rest (and, obviously, took pictures of my television) while I stretched. Then I reluctantly moseyed over to our gym to run one whole mile and called it a day. But later, as I mentally beat myself up for wimping out and not completing the workout I had planned, I acknowledged that I should feel good about at least doing something. No, it wasn't my best day, but I still worked up a little sweat and shouldn't give myself too hard of a time for it. I think we should feel good about any exercise, even if we can only manage ten minutes or even if it's a walk that doesn't get your heart rate up. I can tell you that if I hadn't worked out at all I would have felt much worse (and guiltier) than I do now. As it is, I'm just looking forward to another try tomorrow; hopefully I can actually complete a yoga video or run more than one mile. 

Meanwhile, if you made it to the gym or managed a workout this weekend, congrats! You should feel good for any exercise and focus on increasing time or intensity as your body allows. 

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