Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few Good Reads

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I got an iPad for my work today! Who would have thought my first work-issued device would be an iPad 2? Not too shabby! I'm so excited to learn about it and figure out the best ways to use it in my classes. Any iPad users out there have any tips for a newbie?

After my exciting day at work, I busted out a quick incline walking workout on the treadmill, along with some bicep curls, abs, and push ups.
12-Minute Incline Walk Intervals
I completed this short incline walk workout two times before my strength training, and it was just right for today. I pushed myself fairly hard during yesterday's workout, so this one felt perfect today. Afterward, I made a disappointing meal of whole-wheat pasta, pasta sauce, and butternut squash. Boring.

I spent a little time researching some health articles this evening (while eating cookies), and I thought you might be interested in a few of them. Enjoy!

That last one is certainly my favorite today, because Michael Pollan is a genius! I love everything he has to say about food, and how he admits that he doesn't have all the answers. I strongly encourage you to check out Omnivore's Dilemma or In Defense of Food

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